About Life Alert Careers

By Sabah Karimi

  • Overview

    Life Alert has been in business since 1987 and provides protection and assistance to seniors with a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week emergency response system. The company hires hundreds of people for its dispatch department as well as its sales, administrative and operations teams. Life Alert's Security Center manages over a million calls per year and works with several offices around the country. The company also has a sales division that manages inbound leads for the sale of the Life Alert system.
  • Function

    Life Alert distributes a base unit that is placed inside the senior's home; the senior can push a button to initiate two-way voice communication between emergency operators and dispatchers located in Encino, California, who can then contact paramedics, police, neighbors and other contacts in the case of an emergency.
  • Locations

    Life Alert employs over 500 individuals across eight offices in the United States. The company's main office is in Encino, California, and the six other offices are located in Beverly Hills, California; New York, New York; East Brunswick, New Jersey; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Miami, Florida; and El Segundo, California.

  • Positions Available

    A sales career with Life Alert is coordinated on a telecommuting basis, where leads are sent directly to the sales representative's home office. Off-site sales representatives work as independent contractors, and they can work on their own time from anywhere in the country. These positions require customer service skills, product knowledge skills and the ability to process transactions over the phone efficiently. Dispatcher positions with Life Alert are available at the Encino, California, location; these positions require extensive customer service experience, crisis management skills and the ability to work in a high-stress environment. Administrative and operations positions with Life Alert are available at all office locations and may include positions such as administrative assistant, executive assistant, call center manager, regional sales manager, media relations representative and accounting manager.
  • Contact Information

    Individuals who want to apply for a job with Life Alert should contact the Career Information hotline in their respective city or state of interest. The career information phone numbers are: Encino, California (800) 344-4533 El Segundo, California (800) 821-4704 Fort Lauderdale, Florida (800) 662-9802 Tampa, Florida (800) 294-4553 Miami, Florida (800) 686-5902 New York, New York (800) 523-6976 New Jersey (866) 792-6536
  • Benefits

    Life Alert employees can earn discounts toward Life Alert products and services, along with benefits such as vacation time, health and medical benefits, flexible hours and commission and bonus programs. Independent contractors are not eligible for any employee benefits.
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