Life Tips: Making Change Positive

Advice to help you handle changes and coping positively. Life lessons for survivors of great tragedies and just those looking to move on.

Change comes in many forms -- promotion, relationships, births, deaths, and many others. Without the ability to endure and survive change, we can very easily become overwhelmed by something as insignificant as a dirty sink. How can we handle change in a positive and practical way?

Here are some techniques you can do to help you deal with and survive change:

ANTICIPATE CHANGE. Know that change is inevitable so be ready at all times. You will be able to handle changes as they come if you anticipate that things are bound to change. Keep in mind that things constantly change, nothing stays the same over long periods of time, and that the first step for you to surviving change is anticipating it.

BE A POSITIVE THINKER. Get rid of negative thoughts and doubts. Be optimistic and you will find that you are able to handle changes in your life more easily. Don't focus on the negative aspects of any change occurring in your life. If you do, you will just be beset with insecurities, fears and doubts. These things will greatly hinder your ability to cope with and positively adapt with change.

ALWAYS KEEP AN OPEN MIND. What could have caused the changes in your life? What factors or issues could have made these changes? Try to see the benefits or the "good side" of these changes. Don't let fear, doubt, irrational thoughts and anxiety stop you from having an open mind and a rational outlook.

KEEP YOUR THUMB ON THE CHANGES. Change can sometime come abruptly, but more often, it occurs over a long period of time. When it does, maintain your perspective and try to think of ways on how you can cope with and adapt with these changes.

BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT. Be in charge. Don't be a passive participant in the changes that are happening in and around you. Work with the changes happening, not against it.

LEARN TO ADAPT TO CHANGE. Remember that any changes that occur in your life also affect those around you. And remember too not to hinder other people from moving on because of the change. Accept the change and adapt with it. Change happens for a reason and the more quickly you are able to adapt and move on, the better it will be for you and the people around you.

ENJOY LIFE. Aim to enjoy your life and the things brought about by the changes. Keep a positive outlook about life.

ENCOURAGE OTHERS. Sometimes, the best way to deal with the changes happening in your life is by helping and encouraging other people who may be undergoing the same change you are going through.

LOOK AHEAD AND BE PREPARED FOR MORE CHANGES. It's true that the only thing constant in the world is change. You can expect change to occur every second, every minute, every hour, ever day and so on. The best way to face up to change is to be prepared for it and make the best out of it.

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