Our Lifes Blood Children And Families

An article directed towards the violence and tragedies facing the youth and familes of the world and what we can do to stop it.

A tragedy lies before us and we must make a decision. What has been happening at our schools and in our communities in the last few years is tragic because of the horrendous loss to family, school, community and because it might have been prevented. The shootings and violence in our schools and work places over the last couple years will haunt this nation forever.

The following information is a collection of my thoughts and the thoughts of many others that have spoken with me on this topic of our life's blood---our children ---our families! I pray that some of this information or all of it will help to end the violence in our land.

The events that lead to the violence are a poisonous combination evident in Jonesboro, Arkansas; Pearl, Mississippi; Springfield, Oregon; West Paducah, Kentucky; Columbine, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and it's evident in every shooting that takes place whether it is in a school or a work place. It is evident whether it is by a child or an adult. It is evident that someone is hurting, someone is crying out for help and WE MISSED THEIR CRY! There is a ridiculous availability to firearms and other weapons of mass destruction. There is a volatile nature, a mixed nature of anger, happiness, confusion, but mostly a tearing, crushing pain that seems to grasp even the most stable person. Many of these shooters do not have the skills to vent this anger or to seek help and it seems for many there are no trusted adults or peers to turn to.

This is a very deadly mixture of things that WE must break. We cannot lay blame on any one individual, but must take blame as a group--as a society that has become lax in many areas. We have taken things to the extreme. We have made death, killing, violence, rape, sexual identity, and other things enticing, glorious, and acceptable.

First of all, guns need to be treated as potentially lethal objects. Other than a total ban of all weapons, we must at least require trigger locks for guns like we have safety caps for prescriptions. We need to stop making violence look okay. Professional Wrestling being watched by children from the ages of 2 upwards. This is very violent and very harmful to impressionable minds. Movies and cartoons with continued shooting, killing, etc., also is very harmful. Especially when it is glorified. Who's accountable for what happens when a child models a Wrestler or a shooter in a movie and hurts or kills someone? If my child hurts someone with my car, I am accountable; if my child shoots someone with my gun, I should be liable, unless the car or gun was properly locked up and the child actually got to them without the knowledge of the parent. I know that there are circumstances where this can happen that a parent did everything they could to keep the car, weapon, etc. out of the child's hands and that is a different situation. We all pay the cost of a child's actions when they decide to harm another and how much of a role we must play as a parent in being liable for their actions depends upon the role we played in preventing it.

Secondly, parents and caregivers must recognize that the morals and values that have been developed during childhood are less likely to be broken or forgotten as the child grows. We as parents and caregivers along with others from the community have to teach right and wrong. We must teach it both by instruction and by example. We must live what we preach and teach.

Next, the entire community must teach children how to cope with and release their anger in a manner that will not end in violence. We must stop teaching our children that they can settle their differences with violence. Many of you will now feel that I am attacking something holy and divine, but the only holy and divine thing I know of is God the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, we need to stop the violence in HOCKEY, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, WRESTLING, ROLLER DERBY, and other activities such as these. This type of violence and behavior is ludicrous. What lessons are we teaching the children and some adults when two Hockey players battle it out on the ice? What lessons are you teaching when two adults battle it out on the basketball court? We need to teach our children to settle their differences in a non-violent manner. I'm sorry but no matter how much you want to justify a little fight during a game, it can't be justified. And when it's covered on the news it's glorified. Is that the way it should be? Should violence be glorified? Let's look at what we are doing.

Now the fourth thing we can look at is this--young people need to have opportunities for success. Young people need to realize that they can succeed. They need to see a way to make things work for them without violence or crime. They need to have a strong, positive relationship with caring adults.

Fifth, all adults who work with children need to know how to identify the kid that is in trouble. Adults that work with children need to have more education then the child. We must train ourselves to spot the signs that are yelling out... HELP ME!..

Sixth, we must show our children that we want to have them involved in our community. We need to show them that they are needed. But we don't need to let them feel that they can call the shots. In many communities parental rights have been removed from fear of the parent losing their child if they discipline. Is this the way it is in your community? Is it okay for some rules to be broken? Children have a desire and nature to be good, to obey, to learn...we as adults remove that from them. We need to treat our children respectfully, but we also need to discipline them and remember they are children. Stop making them baby sitters at the age of SEVEN. Stop making them take care of the house at the age of SEVEN, because both MOM and DAD work. Years ago we would never have thought of leaving a seven year old at home to watch the baby...why do we do it now. Years ago we would never have left our children locked in a running car while we went shopping...why do we do it now. This instills fear, anxiety, and a vast range of emotions.

The choice is yours, mine -- we can wait until another tragic shooting occurs, that will again leave us feeling helpless and defenseless, or we can turn our grief into action. "˜Prevention' doesn't make for great headlines and "˜no violence' does not sell newspapers, but it does save the life of a child and it will help to give us a safer society to live in.

Shootings in schools have alarmed every adult and child across this land. Every area is vulnerable, every community is a possible shooting range for the next child or adult that gives up on life. For the next child or adult that says I'm confused, I'm tired, I'm scared, I'm lonely, what is the answer, what are we going to do, how are we going to stop this. The answer is not easy, it is not simple, and it is a combination of things. The answer combines the forces of parents, schools, law enforcement and churches. Funny isn't it when tragedy happens in the schools that so many are turning quickly to the church community for strength and guidance--perhaps there should be a member of the church community in every school in an official capacity. After all we have teachers, counselors, etc., why not a religious one also. I know, to many religions to cover. The answer does not come easy. It is a combination of all factions of society. But there are answers, there is an avenue of help and each one of us can play a part in stopping the violence.

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