How To Lighten Permanent Hair Color Mistakes

Quick and simple tips that can lighten your hair color, and they don't include a visit to the beauty salon.

So, it is Saturday morning and you've decided to color your hair so you'll look fab for that party tonight. An hour later you look in the mirror and instead of light auburn you see brassy burgundy. Okay, don't panic. There are some quick and simple things that you can do to lighten your hair color, and they don't include making a made dash to the beauty salon. And don't even think about trying to color your hair again. It could result in an even worse color, and will more than likely fry your hair crispier than your favorite potato chip.

The first thing to do is to make sure your hair really is too dark. Your hair always looks darker when it is wet so don't freak out until you pull out the blow dryer. Make sure your hair is completely dry and give yourself a good look in the mirror.

If you find that even after blow dying it your hair is still a brazen color, the best and least abrasive, thing you can do is to shampoo. Have you ever noticed that after a few washes your hair color seems to fade? Even if was perfect in the first place? Well use that to your advantage right now.Just wash, rinse and repeat with your shampoo about five times and check your color. If your iffy, remember to blow dry at least a piece of your hair to check its true color.

If your hair is still too dark, try washing it with lemon juice. The acid in the lemons will strip the unwanted color. You may have to do this a few times but it is almost guaranteed to work. Rinse with cool water and check your color again.

Still too dark? Okay, time to bring out the big guns. Put a hat on, and run to the store and pick up a spray used to lighten your hair. These are usually found by the hair coloring and perming products and usually have the word "sun" in the name. When you're back home and safely in your bathroom, spray the product over your entire head of hair and heat with a blow dryer. After a few minuets you should see your hair lightening. Reapply the product as your hair gets dry. Keep repeating until your hair is as light as you want it. Remember, this is the last resort. It may damage your hair because of the prolonged heat.

If you absolutely can't stand to be seen in public with your hair the way it is, try putting lemon or lime juice in a spray bottle and use it as you would the lightening spray. Many lightening sprays use citrus extract as one of its main ingredients. Hopefully, by now your hair is just as beautiful as you intended it to be when you pulled that hair coloring kit off of the store shelf.

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