What Is Like The Average Cost To Get Your Yard Landscaped?

What is like the average cost to get your yard landscaped? Tips for determining the cost of landscaping your yard. You would start with a sprinkler system what would be around $2400 to possibly $3500 for...

You would start with a sprinkler system what would be around $2400 to possibly $3500 for one that was installed professionally right. You can always find it cheaper for interior lots, not corner lots. Your landscape is going to depend on how nice you want it but you can probably get a nicer landscape for $2000 -$3000. If you go above and beyond that, then it is going to be more elaborate. That price is excluding patios. It is plant arrangements only. To install a stone patio properly, you need a concrete slab underneath it. If you put it on road base or in a basement, you are asking for problem. When the ground begins to move, it is going to break and then you will be upset with the money that you have invested out and outcome which you received. Patios are going to be around $17-$20 a square foot. Take that price into consideration and measure the area to find out the footage. If it is a square you just take the length multiplied by the width and that gives you the square foot. The landscaping for a mobile home is probably going to go from $2000-$4000 and go up from there. It all depends on what the house has and what kind of plant material the person wants. If you go really exotic, appropriate type landscaping it is going to cost up a little bit but that can give you a real good feel of a cost of $2500-$3500 on the sprinkler system, about the same on the irrigation on the landscape and the patios cost relates to the size. If you are going to do some lighting, it typically starts at about $1500-$1700. If you have some decent sized trees, the house has bigger square footage, has distinction in architectural features, and nice flower beds, you are going to probably start at about $2500-$2800 and it can go up from there.

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