Does Lipozene Work?

By Isabel Prontes

  • Overview

    Lipozene is a diet pill that is manufactured by the Obesity Research Institute, LLC. This fat burner has been advertised many times on television and claims to offer rapid weight loss without the user doing much more than taking the pills. The main ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan which is a fiber supplement that is extracted from the Konjac root, which is cultivated mostly in Japan. Many people believe that Lipozene is a scam and makes false, unsubstantiated claims about how it works.
  • Warning

    Many people question the credibility of Lipozene as a diet pill because of the fact that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ordered its manufacturer to pay $1.5 million for consumer redress, as a result of making untrue and unsubstantiated claims regarding the function of the fat burning product. Because of this fact, Lipozene has a reputation as being a scam product.
  • Function

    Lipozene's key component is the ingredient glucomannan, which is a fiber supplement and not dangerous at all. Glucomannan is good at regulating blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol. However, there is no proven evidence that glucomannan has any value as a weight loss stimulant.

  • Benefits

    There are a few benefits to Lipozene because of the fact that it contains glucomannan. Fiber is always a helpful addition to any diet, and if you take Lipozene (as instructed) about a half an hour before meals (with a lot of water), then it will help you feel full as you eat so that you don't eat too much and take in too many calories. This fact could lead to weight loss. However, this could result from eating any fiber, such as a high fiber cereal, and it doesn't have anything to do with Lipozene as a diet pill.
  • Significance

    The makers of Lipozene have been in trouble by the FTC for creating false and unsubstantiated claims regarding diet products before. Glucomannan fiber was the main ingredient in two of their other weight loss products, one called FiberThin and the other called Propolene. These diet supplements are no longer being manufactured.
  • Theories/Speculation

    The combination of glucomannan fiber supplement and water creates an thick paste in the digestive system that creates a false sense of fullness. This factor could lead to a person eating less and losing weight. However, there is no actual proof that glucomannan as an active ingredient could actually stimulate rapid weight loss. Users might be better off adding more fiber to their diet and drinking more water than spending $90 a month roughly on Lipozene diet pills.
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