A List Of The Benefits Of Exercise

A list of the benefit of exercise: the bottom line is for a more healthly you we need to use our body and make our muscles stronger, and consequently our bone structure is in better alignment and we feel better!

The word alone congers up an image of suffering, hurting and sore muscles, tired sweaty body, and pain, pain pain! Sure the fat is collecting around our thighs and hips, we try to ignore it and buy larger clothing, but yet it continues, relentless in its endeavor to embarrass us.

After all we can not hide what our fat tells everyone "overeater"; "non-exerciser"; screaming its message to everyone who notices our ballooning waist line. We fill out our chairs, our widening derrieres go from side to side with no room to spare, and we ponder the idea of buying a new and larger recliner, "just for comfort," we tell ourselves. Our little compact car seems even smaller lately the seats are beginning to swag on the outside parameters, and we have to push the steering wheel up to miss our tummy and the seat back. They must be making the seats even smaller these days. And have you noticed they are making clothes to fit those small Japanese people, I used to wear a size 10 but one of my legs won't fit in that size anymore! I always drink diet cola, with my double cheeseburger, at least I am saving 80 calories right there! I have been wanting more comfort lately, I look at the loose flowing apparel, can't stand anything that pinches me excuses, excuses, excuses, and doesn't it sound familiar? I have used them all, how about you? Or are you one of the lucky few who has no problem with weight gain, and have a great metabolism rate, or one who is disciplined enough to eat correctly and exercise. This is not the case for most Americans, and we should consider the advantages of "moving our bodies."

Here are the advantages to exercising according to the American Medical Association:

* We will look better! We will feel better about ourselves, more confident, our clothes fit and look well on our trim figures.

* Our muscles are stronger, and consequently hold our bones in correct alignment, thus relieving pain in joints and back.

* Bones are stronger because of exercise, lessening the possibility of osteoporosis.

* Being aware of what we eat, in combination with exercise, we can more readily maintain a proper weight.

* Good metabolism maintained by exercise can deflect the possibility of adult onset diabetes.

* The reduction of body fat by exercise can lower blood pressure.

* Ease of blood flow and lower cholesterol levels are by products of exercising, and can reduce the possibility of heart attacks.

Lets get started!

1. Get your family involved, if they understand how important your exercise program is for your good health and longevity; they will want to be involved also.

2. Work up to your potential slowly and deliberately. You will more likely stay with your exercise program, if you refrain from extremely sore muscles with early over exertion. Progressively increase activity as your body adapts to the exercise program.

3. Do not get bored; choose the program that suits you individually. The time for exercising should fit into your schedule, to avoid any stress.

4. According to the American Medical Association, a good time factor for exercising is at regular intervals for at least 20 minutes for 3 times per week.

If you have no incentive for regular and consistent exercise programs, then, keep in mind that "some exercise is better than none." Take walks, enjoy nature, you will expend more energy than you realize while enjoying a stroll.

Go out and rake the leaves; even if the wind will eventually blow them away, the idea is to enjoy the refreshing outside air, and the beauty of the scenery.

When you can choose to take the elevator or walk a few flights of stairs, choose the stairs, use your body!

Ultimately good health is up to us, whatever choice me make to receive the positive result, rests on our decision to choose physical fitness and a longer more productive life.

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