List Of Common Fears And Phobias Of Toddlers

Learn of common fears and phobias that may afflict your child, and how to deal with them.

When your son or daughter is young, there are many things that seem very scary. You need to be there for those times in order to comfort your child.

The best way to handle phobias is not to say that "everything is okay," but to show your child how the thing that scares her works or why she might be scared. Help her understand the situation thoroughly so she can feel more comfortable when things go bump in the night.

Perhaps the most common phobia among two year olds is the dark. Little children don't like being alone when they see nothing but darkness. They don't see anything that's familiar to them and they don't know what could be looming a few feet ahead. Other typical phobias of young children include loud noises, big dogs, bugs, being away from you, thunder and lightning and monsters that come in the dark.

The most important thing you should remember is that this fear that they're experiencing is very real. They are truly afraid of these things. You should talk with your child about her fears. Find out exactly what it is about these things that makes her afraid. Then help her conquer these fears by learning about the core issue of the fear. Explain to her that while the dog may be large, that not all dogs are dangerous. It just likes to play like you do. Perhaps then you should get a book about dogs and help her learn about them, what noises they make and how they act.

Tell your child that you were afraid of some of the same things at her age. Tell her what is scary about these things and why they're kind of frightening. It helps for your child to know that you can relate well. Then you need to explain to her how you conquered these fears and why you're no longer afraid.

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