A List Of Disney Movies

Walt Disney has produced a number of great movies, but what about the ones they almost made?

The Walt Disney Company is known worldwide for producing quality animated feature films since the 1930's. Among scholars and animation aficionados, Disney is equally known for the films they haven't made. Over the years there have been a number of projects that have been started and abandoned for a variety of reasons. This article will give you a capsulated look at some of these "˜lost' potential masterpieces and the reasons they have been shelved.

Silly Hillbillies from Mars

This project was started in 1969 and worked on up through the late 1980's. The film, based on stories from Robert Heinlein and CS Lewis, was eventually put into the vault because no one could find a workable plot. Across the three decades of the film's production, over 300 minutes of footage was completed.

Roger Rabbit 2: The Toon Platoon

This was to actually be a prequel to the enormously successful Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The story involved Roger growing up and being raised by humans in a small town. Eventually he enlists in the Army to fight in World War II. With Disney, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and hundreds of animated characters involved, the project was eventually pushed aside due to the enormous cost involved.

Toots and the Upside Down House

To be directed by Henry Selick and written by Steven Soderbergh. This story of a young girl who creates a world of goblins and fairies run by an evil Jack Frost was to have a stop motion center framed by live action pieces but (again) was shelved due to cost considerations.


An amazingly interesting idea that would have placed Walt Disney and Salvador Dali together as collaborators. This mixture of live action and animation would have told the story of two young lovers who must overcome numerous obstacles to fulfill their love. Sadly though, the company changed direction in the early stages of pre-production and this project was dropped.


The story of a love affair between an Egyptian war hero and a captured slave made the move from the animators desk to the Broadway stage.

The Odyssey

Disney flirted with this project before making Hercules instead.

Cuban Carnival

The plans for this were being developed in the late 1940's. It was to be a mixture of live action and animation with all of the stories taking place in or around Cuba. The idea was quickly dropped though when "˜Saludos Amigos' ( a similar film set in South America) had a very poor box office return.

Hans Christian Anderson

This was going to be a live action and animation mix.

The Gremlins

A cartoon feature starring "˜Gremlins' of one sort or the other was in production at the studio since the mid 1930's. The project never seemed to really get an excited, creative push and eventually it died out.


Long considered, this story was put aside when Aladdin came along.


The story of the rooster who believes his crow makes the sun rise was worked on for over twenty years but a complete story could never be placed together. (An interesting note is that a version of this story was eventually made by Don Bluth, a former Disney animator. His film was called Rock-a -Doodle)

Currier And Ives

Being planned for release sometime in the late 1940's, this was to be a "˜combination film' (live action mixed with animation). It was eventually dropped because the cost involved would have been too high. At the time there had been a slate of combination pictures with the box office for each being less than its predecessor.

The Little People

Another combination picture. This may have been one of the earliest attempts (1946) to merge animation and live action on screen together in a feature film. The idea never got to far though as enthusiasm for Alice and Wonderland started to pick up. Incidentally the original idea for Alice in Wonderland was to make the whole film live action.

These are just a few of the many ideas, these being the most fully developed, that have passed through the Disney Studio over the years. Disney is not alone in their product selection, the history of Hollywood is littered with things that "˜might have been': A Jerry Lewis directed "˜Animal House' type of movie starring senior citizens, "˜The Marx Brothers Visit the U.N.' which would have been directed by Billy Wilder, "˜Swirlee,' the story of a Mafia boss turned ice-cream cone or Dieter, the Mike Meyers comedy. For as many great and memorable films that have come from Hollywood and in particular Disney, one still has to wonder: What if"¦?

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