List Of Stuff A New Baby Need

List of stuff a new baby needs.

Baby items can be quite costly. Knowing exactly what you need to buy and keeping a budget is key. Some may be drawn into ads that state your baby needs this expensive stroller or that expensive crib. This is clearly not the case.

There are many ways that you can get everything you need for the baby and more on just a limited budget.

Start by stocking up on the basics. Expectant parents can collect clothes (if you know if you are having a boy or girl), crib sheets, blankets, bottles, towels, a car seat and other necessities. You may find yourself collecting hand-me-downs from relatives or friends. This is a great help. Another source is a baby shower. You will receive gifts from friends and relatives for your soon to be newborn child. After all this is collected, you can sit down and take stock of what you have and don't have. Make a complete listing of what you need before you go out and shop, otherwise you may go over budget and get things that you really don't need.

Before you go into specialty baby stores looking for items you need, start with thrift stores or yard sales. Specialty shops can be costly. Most resale shops stock items that are gently used and at a considerable discount. If you don't mind used items, this is a great way to save money. Yard sales can also be a great source for equipment for pennies on the dollar.

As mentioned above, before you rush out and start collecting things for your new baby, make a complete listing of what you have and what you need. The following is a basic list of supplies a new baby will require soon after birth.

*a crib

*crib sheets

*waterproof mattress covers

*bumper pads

*light blankets

*a car seat



*bottle brush


*baby towels and wash cloths

*baby soap and shampoo

*cotton swabs



*zinc oxide for diaper rashes

*diapers and wipes





*a stroller

*a tote bag

Be sure to keep in mind safety standards. These change very frequently. Have a list of recalls when you go out, especially to garage sales or resale shops. You don't want to unwillingly put your child's life in danger. When shopping for a car seat, make sure it fits your car and includes instructions for use. While shopping for a crib, keep in mind that the mattress be firm for proper spine development and it must fit properly in the crib. Be sure that there is no amount of space that the baby can fit his leg, head or other body part into between the rails and mattress. No pillows are needed at this time as it poses a suffocation hazard. If it is an older crib you aquire, be sure the rails are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart and that the paint is not lead based.

Keeping all this in mind will ensure you are well prepared before your baby's arrival and that you get the best for your money.

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