Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living room decorating ideas: living rooms are the rooms in our house where people need to live. Learn how to make yours beautiful and liveable.

Living rooms are the rooms in our house where people need to live. In most of the houses living rooms are decorated with utmost care and it is perhaps the most beautiful room in the house. Yet, it is the least used room by the family. Many people think that living rooms need to be kept picture perfect to entertain the guest. So they hardly use it.

The living room is the important room in your house as you entertain your guests there. It is also a mirror of your personality. But it also needs to be used. It is important that the guests as well as family members, both should feel comfortable with it. Sometimes picture perfect rooms give a crisp feeling and make people uncomfortable. Living rooms should be a source of pleasure and relaxation.

Here are some tips for making your living room comfortable and charming.

1) The color is very important. Choose lighter and neutral shades for the walls. This leaves lot of room for selecting furniture. It also makes it possible to change the furniture easily without changing the color scheme.

2) Waxed hardwood floors look charming. You can also use wall to wall, neutral color carpet, which can be decorated with area rugs.

3) Positioning of the furniture is very important especially if you have a large living room. It is better to divide the room in two or three separate seating areas. This provides cozy seating areas where you can entertain small groups easily. Even if you want to entertain large groups these arrangements help in tying people together.

It is also important to choose the right orientation for your furniture. You can face your furniture to some architectural focal point like:


Large window facing the garden or outdoors


If you do not have any such focal point in your house then you can create one by hanging pictures or murals on the wall.

4) Use area rugs to define seating areas. They not only add a splash of color to the décor but also help tying things together. Especially when you divide your living room in two or three seating areas using different rugs define these areas clearly.

5) If your furniture is in neutral colors then add lots of colorful and decorative pillows. This adds color to it and also creates very inviting and cozy feeling. This is especially important in winter. Addition of throw also can serve the same purpose.

6) While hanging heavy picture frames or murals choose a wall facing the furniture. This allows people to admire those and it is also safe not to hang them right above the seating area. Hang cloth wall hangings on the wall above seating area.

7) If you are fond of mirrors then always hang them in such way that people do not see their reflection in them all the time. This can make many people very uncomfortable.

8) A tall silk tree adds life and softens the look of the living room. Place it next to the entrance or in the foyer or next to the TV.

9) A small fishpond and a fountain are also charming additions to living room décor.

10) You can also place a decorative room divider to divide room into TV room and a living room. Soji screens (Japanese paper screens) are excellent for this purpose. They not only give the privacy but also permit diffused light inside.

11) A permanent flower arrangement in a basket or a tall vase brings outdoors, indoor even after spring and summer are gone.

12) The lighting in living room should be both general and diffused. There should be floor lamps to give bright light as well as there should be an arrangement for candle lights to create more romantic mood.

13) If you are staying in an apartment investing in sleeper sofa is a better idea than having regular sized sofa and love seat. This sofa sleeper provides an extra bed when needed and also takes less space.

You can use all the ideas mentioned above but at a smaller scale.For apartment living it is necessary to have everything scaled down to avoid crowded feeling.

It is important to keep living room clutter free though it should be used as any other room in the house. You can add more function to it by combining TV room or dining room with it.

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