How Long Do Air-Conditioning Systems Usually Last?

How long do air-conditioning systems usually last? Learn how long an air-conditioning system lasts and when to replace an air conditioner. It is difficult to imagine modern life in places with significant...

It is difficult to imagine modern life in places with significant summers and in the sub-tropical United States without air-conditioning. Even a few hours without cooled and filtered air during a hot, humid and sunny day can sap one's strength and energy to a great extent. It can be so difficult to work between mid-day and the early afternoon that people in the third world often adjust school and office times and siesta in the afternoon to cope with peak ambient temperatures! They say that our intrepid ancestors managed well without air-conditioning, but it certainly makes a major difference to our comfort and productivity levels today!

Home air-conditioning can be a big deal for most folk, not just because of the cost but also because of the huge effort needed to get ducts and things in place.

Sylvia Crunk is the owner of Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning in Austin, Texas, which specializes in air purification systems for the home.

She says, "Some can last anywhere from as little as 6 years to 20 years, but we suggest looking at a system that's about 10 years old. If it's about 10 years old, then we want to go look at it. Even six years old because some of them, if they're builder grade, they're not always as efficient and of course if your home isn't properly sealed, or there's other issues going on, then you may not have the proper tonnage for your home, so it's better just to go ahead and get that, if you see that you're losing efficiency and your energy bills are gong up, then you want to do something about it before it gets out of hand."

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