Long Car Travel With Children

Making a long car trip with your children, make it more enjoyable for children and parents by keeping the kids entertained while you travel.

A long car ride with a child can seem even longer if the child is bored and restless. Make sure ride more enjoyable by playing on of the games listed below.


Object: To get thru the ABC's the fastest.

How to Play:

Use the letters on any road signs or license plates to complete the alphabet. Start out by finding the letter "a" on a sign or license plate. You cannot move on to the next letter until the previous one is found. Letters must be found in consecutive order. The first one to the letter "z" wins.


Object: To guess what the person who is "it" spies by using clues.

How to play:

Choose someone to be "it". That person then chooses an object that he/she "spies". The others in the car get to ask one clue per turn to help them guess what it is that is "spied". Once the object is guessed correctly, the person who guessed it is now "it".


Small children love to sing. One favorite way to pass the time is to sing their favorite songs. A few popular ones include, Bingo, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, and Old McDonald's Farm. Make a game out of it by letting them choose which song to sing next.


Window clings can be purchased at your local discount store and come in a variety of choices. These are great for children to play with in a vehicle because they stick so easily to the windows, and can be removed just as easily. You can make a game with them by buying two sets just alike and having them match colors, shapes, sizes, etc. You can also let them decorate the car windows for the up-coming holidays while they also entertain themselves on a long trip. These are a favorite for younger children. They also store easily because they are flat and take up a little amount of space.


Another idea is to pack crayons and coloring books in a backpack. This is a good activity that allows a quiet time as well. Dot-to-Dot books or Color-by-Number books are great to take along as well.


Object: To repeat a sequence of words without missing any

How to Play:

Have one person start out by saying a word (ie: tree). The next person has to repeat that word plus add another word to it (ie: tree, big). Continue this process going around through each person in the vehicle, each repeating all previous words and adding one word, until someone either misses a word, or says one out of sequence. No words can be repeated. When someone messes up, they are "out". The last one left who can say all the words without making a mistake is the winner.

Variations: Use movements such as clapping or snapping to make it more difficult.


Object: Start a story and go around the vehicle letting each person add to it.

How to Play:

Have one person start a story. After the story is started, allow the next person to add to it. Continue going around the vehicle, having each person add a small portion to the story until the story is done.


Do this with words. Have each person say one word until a story forms.

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