Long lasting curls while cheerleading

Cheerleaders, learn how to make your curls last during games and competitions by using the proper techniques and products.

A set of handsprings, a few cheers, and one too many hurdler jumps can sometimes leave a cheerleader's curls flat and lifeless.While some curls will never be able to withstand the continuous pull of gravity and the intense tumbling and jumping of cheerleading, there are some tips that you can follow to help your curls last longer.

Many cheerleading supply magazines now carry hair products for cheerleaders, including hair ties with fake hair attached.These pieces are great to use for competitions because they are easy to attach to the head and require little maintenance.These curls will not fall flat, but there is a chance that the synthetic hair could become knotted.If you feel that buying a fake hair piece would be less trouble than spending the time to curl your hair, then consider purchasing one from a cheerleading magazine or beauty supply company.

In order to achieve long-lasting, cheerleading-style curls with your own hair, you will need strong hair elastics, a quality curling iron, and very strong hairspray.Unfortunately, the hairsprays that work best to hold curls tend to be the least safe for the environment.It is suggested that you try out a few brands of extra hold hairspray before a big game or competition to see which hold or brand works best on your hair.

After you have washed and dried your hair, quickly spray on top of and underneath your hair with hairspray, making sure to cover all areas of your head without saturating the hair with product.Brush through the hair, and pull it back into a ponytail.Secure the ponytail with one or two hair elastics.If you are putting a bigger, more decorative hair elastic into your hair, secure this before you start curling so that you do not pull out curls when pulling on the hair elastic later.Make sure that the ponytail is tight against your head; if it is loose, it will start to pull away from the scalp, dragging your curls down with it.

When your hair is secure, spray the hair in the pony tail again, brush through it, and let it dry.Let your curling iron heat up to its highest heat setting.Curling irons with a smaller diameter will create curls that last longer; try to use a curling iron with a one inch or three quarters of an inch diameter.Take the hair in section no wider than one inch, and no thicker than a quarter of an inch.Begin curling from the bottom of the section of hair, and work up to where the hair is secured by the elastic.Hold the curling iron there for at least fifteen to twenty seconds, and longer if you have thick, coarse hair.When you release the curl, spray it immediately, but do not saturate the hair with hair spray.Continue this process until you have curled all of the hair in the ponytail.Do a final spray with hairspray over this entire area.Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may need to spray it more if you feel the curls may fall.You should now have a ponytail full of curls that will last through any game or competition.

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