Long-Term Weight Loss And Fitness

Long term fitness and weight loss can be achieved through sensible eating and simple exercise.

So many people are on the weight loss/fitness merry-go-round it is frightening. With the weightloss industry raking in billions yearly on unsuccessful victims, and expensive home fitness equipment that winds up gathering dust in the corner until it is sold at the next garage sale, we have become addicted to losing weight and gaining it back again.

So many lies are sold to the public about weight loss. Many misconceptions are thought of as true such as:

1)In order to be thin you must eat breakfast.

2)Calories consumed late at night are automatically converted to fat.

3)All fats should be avoided in a weight loss diet.

4)Obesity is primarily an inherited trait.

5)After a certain age it is next to impossible to lose extra pounds.

6)It is healthier to carry a few extra pounds rather than being too skinny.

These types of myths are so ingrained in our minds that people believe them. The essence of dieting is to eat less calories than what is expended through exercise or work. That is the only way to lose weight. In the United States this concept is so foreign that people cannot believe it is possible. Eating less involves teaching oneself how to identify hunger.

Hunger is the sensation that the stomach is empty. It sometimes is accompanied by a headache, hunger pains, a lightheaded sensation, or a sense of need. When a person is truly hungry it is easy to determine what to eat. If it is hard to decide what sounds good, that is generally a sign that the person is not hungry enough to eat. Eating only when hungry is the first step to permanent weight loss.

Eating only to satisfy the emptiness in the stomach is another important issue. People often eat for emotional reasons. Emotional needs need to be met elsewhere. Prayer, exercise, meeting with friends, and finding a place to express problems is a better way to deal with feelings. These activities have far fewer calories than eating chocolate and ice cream.

Learning to stop eating before the stomach is too full is not a skill overweight people have mastered. Many people think of that too full, I'm stuffed, I can't eat another bite feeling as being good. The existence of gas, heartburn, and other stomach upsets are often the result of too much food. Once an individual learns to eat smaller amounts of food these problems will disappear, so will the need for antacid products. The easiest way to distinguish when hunger has been satisfied is to eat slowly, and drink liquids in between each bite. After eating several mouthfuls, stop and ask yourself: "Am I still feeling empty? Do I still need food? Do I just want to continue eating for emotional needs, or because there is still food?"

The sensation of being satisfied, not overfull will need to be relearned. It is best to always leave some food on the plate. Move away from the table and after a half hour assess whether or not that food was missed. For the most part, the answer will be no. Hunger will have disappeared, and a comfortably satisfied feeling will replace it. This is the beginning of weightloss.

Fitness for most people is a bad word. It brings to mind excruciatingly boring repetition, excessive sweating, and extensively uncomfortable exercises. Fitness should mean any activity that burns energy, is enjoyable to the individual, and can be maintained with some consistency. This could mean anything from walking around a shopping mall to taking a ballet class. It needs to be something a person enjoys. It is okay to start small; the key is that it be something maintainable. Walking works for many people because such things as picking up children, buying clothes, and running errands can be incorporated. It is okay to start with walking, move into aerobics classes, step up to weight training, and then return to walking. Fitness should be an exploration, and the process is far more important than the outcome. You may never find the perfect exercise, but if the search gets you in shape, and prevents boredom than that is okay.

It is possible to maintain a body that is not overweight and is in good physical condition. It is not necessary to spend a great deal of money, or hire your own personal trainer. Like most solutions; it takes some discipline and work, but the process is simple straightforward, and worthwhile.

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