How to Have a Longer Sex Life Without Pills

By Heather Rutherford

  • Overview

    The desire to go longer during sex is a common issue with many men. Men want to be their best for their partner and no part of being great in bed involves being a "minute man." In response to this widespread desire, many new herbal supplements and drugs have hit the market to help a man have a longer sex life. However, most of these drugs and pills have not been tested for safe use in humans and the risks are unknown. These tips will help any man have a longer sex life without pills.
    How to Have a Longer Sex Life Without Pills
    How to Have a Longer Sex Life Without Pills
    • Step 1

      Prepare for sex before a date. Most men can last longer the second time around. For this reason it is a great idea to masturbate before a big date.
    • Step 2

      Have a beer. Drinking one or two alcoholic drinks right before sex will not only lower inhibitions, it will also result in a longer sex life without the need for pills.

    • Step 3

      Lengthen foreplay time. Concentrate all attentions on the other person to ensure she has a mind-blowing time. This will nearly guarantee that she will not notice if the actual sex is short-lived. To increase the amount of time that foreplay takes, consider bringing food, toys and romance talk into the game.
    • Step 4

      Put on a condom. Condoms have the ability to reduce the amount of sensitivity felt on the penis. This will allow most men to go longer during sex without pills.
    • Step 5

      Change positions. Moving from one position to another can help slow everything down and will prevent premature ejaculation. The key is to pull out completely before adjusting. Adjusting while still attached can result in an orgasm during the position change. That makes for a confusing moment for everyone involved.
    • Step 6

      Use a thick lubricant. Lubricants will reduce the resistance felt during sex. A good time to put on lube is during a position change. If the sensitivity is rising and orgasm seems imminent, then take a pause to apply lubrication.
    • Step 7

      Relax. Sure it is easier said than done, but the reality is that most men experience premature ejaculation for psychological reasons. When a man is self-conscious, afraid of losing his erection or unsure of his performance abilities he will often ejaculate early as a result. If this is a likely problem, focus more attention on her rather than yourself and your performance.
    • Step 8

      Get distracted. Thinking about baseball, work and grocery shopping can help most men buy a couple of minutes.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Condoms
    • Thick Lubrication
    • Tip: Have condoms and lubrication nearby to avoid prolonged pauses that may result in a loss of mood.

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