What Do You Look For During A Home Inspection?

What do you look for during a home inspection? What a home inspector looks for during a home inspection is any damage to your house that needs to be repaired. On the interior, you look at structure, you...

On the interior, you look at structure, you look at the cabinetry, the appliances, the flooring, the walls, the ceilings, the electrical outlets, and the panel. With flooring, for example, you are looking for humps in the floors or anything out of the ordinary. In a crawlspace home, if you have humps in the floor, that means you have moisture underneath your house. Your structure wicks moisture up and when wood gets wet, it expands and makes the flooring hump. If you have a very unsettled house, there would be cracks in the walls and ceilings.

With exteriors, if you have a wood structure or fibrous material on the outside, it is hard to detect any type of movement because you will not see a crack like you would see in a brick house. If you have any movement going on, it is very evident because of cracking. So you look for that and you look for damage on the outside.

If you have a wood exterior, you tend to have more problems in a wood house than you would in any other type of house. Generally speaking, this is because wood has problems with the moisture. I live in Savannah, Georgia and we get a lot of rain. If your house is not dry, wood will wick up that moisture and then you will start having problems. One thing leads to another and it just gets out of hand. It is something you definitely have to look at closely. If you do not, you will have problems down the road for sure.

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