What To Look For In A Homeschool Tutor

Information on hiring a tutor for your homeschooled child.

Many homeschool parents are wise enough to realize when they are not capable of teaching their child themselves. A particular subject may be too hard, the parent and child may have personality struggles, or they may be a single parent with little time to teach.

In these instances, and several more, it is best to hire a tutor. When hiring a tutor, you need to be aware of the state's homeschool standards. Some states require the tutor have a high school education, while some demand you use a tutor trained in education. Therefore, you need to research your minimum state requirements before you start your search. If you really like a tutor who does not meet the minimum requirements, like an older homeschooled child for example, you can always hire them as a study partner. You can officially keep the main responsibility of "teaching" or presenting the material yourself.

Once you are aware of your state requirements, the next thing you need to do is to find a homeschool-friendly tutor. You do not want to hire someone who thinks homeschooling is not a valid form of education and looks down on you and your child. You should ask other homeschoolers for references or find out if other homeschool parents might be willing to teach your child a subject or two. You can hire students from your local college, or even homeschooled children who may have a great understanding of he subject your child needs to learn. If you need someone to run your entire homeschool program, you may want to hire a homeschooling mom to homeschool your kids along with her own, a retired teacher, or a former schoolteacher who now specializes in teaching homeschooled children.

Once you have located a few prospects, you will need to interview them. They must be able to describe their training and experience in tutoring children. If your child has a learning disability, they must have experience in dealing with such a disability. You need to know if they handle all of the instruction, or will you be required to do "homework" with the child. Find out if they will issue status reports and detailed curriculum to keep you informed. Finally, you need to make sure their schedule is suitable to yours, decide if their fees are reasonable, and check their references. Ask the references if they feel the tutor was effective in teaching their child, as well as how thorough the subject matter was. Also, ask if the tutor was responsible and punctual.

As homeschooling becomes more and more popular, there will be people looking to make a fast buck in the homeschooling industry. Beware of people who want you to pay in advance for all of the lessons. You need to pay them after each lesson, or once a month. Also, beware of people who are hiring themselves out as full service homeschool teachers. There have been instances where working parents have paid a great deal of money for someone to run their child's homeschool program to find the person to be completely ineffective or unreachable once the check had cleared.

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