Looking Sharp With Wrinkle-Free Jumpsuits

Overview of the comfort, convienience, and style of wrinkle free jumpsuits.

Ever have one of these days? You've been invited out to lunch with the girls. It's a casual get-together, scheduled for about forty minutes from now. You make a call and get a sitter. You have laundry in the machine, including your favorite casual jeans, the dry cleaning hasn't been picked up yet, and you are currently attired in a sweatshirt and workout shorts. With a sinking heart, your image of a child-free, grownup lunch date begins to dissolve as quickly as a cup of apple juice spilled onto a clean carpet. Suddenly, you remember that jumpsuit you bought last spring. There it is, hanging right where you left it; with only one problem- it needs to be ironed. Rushing like a maniac, you shower, and then begin the tedious task of ironing your casual jumpsuit. By the time you're done, you are looking forward to a nap rather than a luncheon.

Now, here's another scenario. The day is the same. Impromptu lunch, nothing to wear, and you still have that jumpsuit in the closet; but now there is only one difference: that jumpsuit is wrinkle-free. Wrinkle-free makes all the difference. Invented by a clothes manufacturer in the 1970's, wrinkle-free technology was marketed for working and middle class folks who may not have had the luxury of a personal valet to lay their wardrobe out for them every evening! That half hour spent bent over a sweltering, hot ironing board can now be spent on your hair and makeup. Fabrics such as Wrinkle-Free and Nano-Tex can be a real lifesaver, not to mention a sharp and savvy look, every time!

One thing that should be mentioned here is that there is a difference in the different types of processes used for non-iron fabrics. There is the wash-and-wear fabric, which tends to become stiff and drab after a few washes, the wrinkle-free fabric, which is exclusive to a handful of manufacturers, and then the newest technology. Nano-Tex actually changes the molecular structure of the fabric, enhancing it for durability, stain-resistance, and soil-repellant. Imagine owning a garment which never even needs to be cleaned! Scientists are working diligently as we speak, forging trails through the unexplored regions of fabric construction. Gone are the days of starching and pressing. Today's fashions are becoming more and more casual. Wash and wear type fabrics are every busy person's ideal, especially those who like to look neat and simply don't have the time to invest in pressing an outfit to wear out on a casual lunch date.

So, when you have nothing to wear but that little, moderately priced jumpsuit hanging in the back of your closet, take a breath of gratitude. A basic black or white tee shirt or turtleneck is usually the only accessory necessary to complete your ensemble. A little imagination in choosing a nice pair of shoes, a scarf, and minimal jewelry will have you and your wrinkle-free jumpsuit as the fashion plate of the day! Also, when you find yourself wondering what to give as a gift for that family member who has everything, a jumpsuit makes the perfect gift.

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