Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatability For Scorpio And Pisces

Find out if the Pisces you love will be compatible with your Scorpio nature or if you should just become the best of friends and find another love.

You're a Scorpio, your partner is a Pisces.But will the relationship last?

Though Scorpio can at times seem easygoing and free, their temper can feel like dealing with an uncontrollable hurricane.They hide what is really going on in their mind and only reveal what they feel is absolutely necessary for the relationship.This can work well with Pisces, who can be just as secretive, but their intuitive nature can work together to find the innermost secrets of their mate.Scorpio likes to investigate her partner and Pisces loves being the center of attention, so the time spent learning about the other may be the best time they spend together.

Complete honesty works best between these two signs, as neither takes well to even the smallest lie.This unspoken agreement will keep harmony in the relationship, allowing the instinctual magnetism to take its course.

The Piscean natural charm will draw many admirers to his side, and despite the happiness this will bring her partner, Scorpio cannot help but feel jealous.Pisces' loving nature in the bedroom helps to calm this jealousy as he pays great attention to his partner and is willing to find out what pleases and satisfies her.

The outgoing nature of the Pisces will draw out the more restrictive, withdrawn Scorpio in public settings.His willingness to talk to everyone may aggravate the Scorpio at first, but she will find his friendliness sets a good example for her to follow when dealing with strangers, though her nature to keep herself distanced from those she does not know will always remain strong.

The two signs compliment each other perfectly.The imagination of one sparks the creativity of the other.The Scorpio strength guides the Pisces during his times indecisiveness.The strong emotional needs of each sign finds a compatible partner in the other.

However, not everything in the relationship will be perfect.Scorpio is rigid, stubborn in her ideas and unwilling to bend.Pisces is flexible, more spontaneous and while he is willing to deal with her idiosyncrasies, eventually he will lose interest and a desire to put up with her.

The ever flowing nature of the Pisces and his inability to maintain focus on one project at a time will wear on the Scorpio and she may express her frustration by lashing out.Pisces does not take well to be the brunt of such a strong expression of anger and he will fall within himself, sinking into a dark depression.Unable to understand this, Scorpio will storm away from the situation while Pisces will fade away and find a place to hide until everything blows over.Neither person will be able to maintain this for long and will eventually go some place else.

While it may seem like a match made in heaven, and the passion between the two signs will be strong while they are together, the relationship between Scorpio and Pisces will not last and if it does, it will not always be easy.In the end, the memories the two have made together will never leave them and they may often find themselves comparing current relationships to the past one.

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