Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Cancer And Libra

The commonalities in a Libra-Cancer romance may create as many challenges as the differences. Understand the attraction between Libra and Cancer.

Is it possible to make a Libra-Cancer romance work? Maximize your commonalities and respect your differences to keep Libra-Cancer love strong.

About Libra

September 23 - October 22

Air sign

Symbol: scales

Relaxed Libra is kind and gentle. Libra loves beauty and harmony, in all things. Devoted to balance and fairness, Libra can see both sides of any argument and will carefully consider the ramifications of any important decision. While not true intellectuals, Libras are excellent critical thinkers.

About Cancer

June 22 - July 22

Water sign

Symbol: crab

Cancers are sensitive and emotional beings, in touch with themselves and those around them. Imaginative and creative, they often lend their skills to improving their homes.

Cancers are very intuitive and sensitive - however, their sensitivity may lead to moodiness. However, Cancers are social creatures and enjoy being part of a large household.

Are Libra and Cancer Compatible?

Both Libra and Cancer are thoughtful and sensitive people, who put great importance on interpersonal relationships. Both signs place an emphasis on harmony and try to avoid discord at all cost. While Libra and Cancer are both emotional and empathetic, their differences make this a challenging match. Cancer's response to hurt feelings is to back off and hide, while Libra wants to forge ahead and resolve differences.

While Libra and Cancer both enjoy being around people, Cancer tends to be a home-body, preferring to entertain and Libra loves the night-life and wants to keep trying new things.

Tending toward passive-aggression, Cancer is prone to sulking and brooding, traits that do not endear the crab to even-keeled Libra.

Cancer and Libra both enjoy romance, but Libra may need more pizzazz than Cancer tends to offer. Libra does, however, enjoy the devotion Cancer provides and Cancer will gain conversational and intellectual stimulation from a Libra partner.

Cancer is much more subjective and partial than fair-minded Libra. Cancer is swayed by personal loyalties, while Libra is more likely to look at the big picture. Libra's reaction to Cancer's illogical passions may be to back off, cooling the relationship and frustrating emotional Cancer further. Cancer needs reassurance that Libra may be unwilling or unable to offer. Cancer thrives on dependent relationships, while Libra seeks egalitarian partnerships.

Libra does have an appreciation for a beautiful home, which Cancer shares. However, Libra's extravagant nature in creating the home may concern Cancer's more frugal spirit.

Trying to attract a Libra?

Attract Librans by displaying fairness and honor. Librans appreciate the sympathetic nature of Cancer, and like the domestic comforts offered by their crab companions.

Trying to attract a Cancer?

Cancers are caring individuals, committed to home and family. Appeal to a Cancer with nurturing and empathetic attitudes. Don't push home-body Cancer to extend boundaries too quickly and eventually more friends will make it into Cancer's favored few.

While there are marked stylistic differences, the sensitive natures of both Libra and Cancer can make for a loving relationship over the long term. Cancer-Libra pairings must ensure they can discuss their differences without an abundance of hurt feelings that will ultimately undermine the romantic partnership.

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