Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Gemini And Cancer

A Gemini and Cancer relationship can work by recognizing and utilizing the differences between these astrological signs.

Admittedly, a Gemini and Cancer romantic relationship can be a bit difficult, given the vast differences between the two signs.However, if both people work hard at the relationship, a Gemini-Cancer pairing could be a very good one.

The Differences between Gemini and Cancer

An air sign, Geminis tend to be elusive, cool, and removed in nature.Geminis focus on intellect and intellectual pursuits, rather than feelings, and have the ability to maintain objectivity and emotional distance.In general, such people radiate a mysterious and out-of-reach air, which many people""particularly Cancers""find compelling and challenging.Geminis have a flexible nature and are able to accommodate the moods of those more emotional than they, and their movements are energetic and quick.

Geminis can live a life on the go or on the road for an indefinite period of time, for he/she seeks to see the world and as many different places and events as possible.Typified by unquenched curiosities, Geminis would be content to travel forever, living in several large cities in a short period of time.Without such change and stimulation, Geminis quickly can feel depressed and deflated.

On the other hand, Cancers thrive on togetherness, closeness, and strong emotions. As a water sign, most Cancers have the need to "nest," with the desire to be rooted to family, as well as set up a home and other long-term commitments which tie them to a particular place. They are highly emotional, sensitive, and in tune with their feelings; incredibly sensuous, they share their love of the senses and beauty with everyone around them.

Cancers love holidays, children, traditions, homes, and the everyday responsibilities""such as house payments and buying groceries""that represent having a rooted life.Such people have the amazing ability to create a sheltered, storybook living existence and home life, which may not have much appeal to a Gemini.

A Love Match between Gemini and Cancer

It is easy to see that a Gemini-Cancer relationship may not be an ideal one.However, despite the obstacles, each person could offer what the other lacks.

Because Cancers value relationships, they will welcome, with open arms, the people that Geminis would attract and add to a group of friends""creating a far more fascinating life because of it.Although Cancers are somewhat withdrawn (they tend to be reserved), they can take the time to become accustomed to the socializing that comes naturally to Geminis.Cancers are detail-oriented when it comes to communicating with family members, friends, and acquaintances, and such a characteristic will reflect well upon Geminis and help these on-the-go people maintain important relationships.

In terms of sexual compatibility, Geminis may be surprised by Cancers.Cancers approach lovemaking as a soulful, spiritual event, and, because Cancers are also focused on deep and sincere feelings, Geminis will have this experience with Cancers time and time again.Cancers can help Geminis experience the true depths of a loving, emotional relationship, allowing Geminis to learn about themselves along the way.On the other hand, Geminis bring adventure and fun into the bedroom, and Cancers will learn quickly to relish the creativity and inventiveness that Geminis bring.

Overall, the Gemini spirit of wanderlust can help bring any Cancer out of his or her shell.In return, Cancers can demonstrate to Geminis on how to be emotional, as well as how to feel simultaneously vulnerable and safe with someone.If aware of the differences, a Gemini-Cancer romantic relationship can thrive.

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