Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Gemini And Leo

Gemini, and air sign, and Leo, a sun sign, can complement each other and adapt to each other's changing moods.

Gemini, an air sign, and Leo, a sun sign, can complement each other and adapt to each other's moods.

Gemini and Leo Complement Each Other

Gemini loves first with the mind.One of the most intellectual signs of the zodiac, Gemini will find an initial attraction to Leo's love of the arts, crafts and classical music.This usually leads them into a friendship where they learn that they both possess a naturally playful spirit, almost childlike in nature, which surfaces every time they are together.

Leo enjoys meeting Gemini's wide variety of friends.Glowing in the spotlight, they give the Lion new opportunities to shine. Gemini will flatter and praise Leo for this brilliant, social intercourse.Their blend, then, can make for an excellent friendship between two people who enjoy being together and sharing wonderful times.

Some astrologers feel that this relationship is better off left at a friendship because of the numerous obstacles facing these signs in romance.Yet, both signs are highly adaptable and a successful romance is possible.

Gemini Adapts to Leo

Leo is a proud sign with a very sensitive ego, and the Lion will probably demand more attention than Gemini is willing to give.Gemini must avoid one large pitfall here - loving to tease.Teasing, unmercilessly, only angers the Lion and causes strife, but it's Gemini's way of protesting Leo's continuing need to be in the spotlight.In fact, Gemini wants to share in that spotlight.

Laziness is another Leo trait to which Gemini must adjust.Leo will take periods of life and do absolutely nothing with them.Gemini can't fathom this; Gemini's world of the mind is always working.Here, Gemini must adapt and see Leo's lazy spell as a way to recharge the Lion's batteries.

Leo Adapt to Gemini

The more adaptable of the two, Leo has to be willing to bend in a romantic relationship with Gemini.Gemini has a desire for change:The Twins are easily bored.So Gemini desires novelty - in friends, in romance.Their intellect keeps them always striving for some new experience.Leo will initially consider this restlessness and will be especially hurt by Gemini's flirtatiousness.But Leo is steadfast and committed to their relationship.This should see them through.

Gemini and Leo Complement Each Other

With Gemini, Leo is more active and the Lion's ideas are inspired.Gemini's connection to Mercury is active, and it combines with Leo's sun sign to bring new ideas, travel plans, writing and speculation.All of Leo's wishes can come true with a Gemini is a caring, adaptable relationship.

An expressive sexual life also evolves from the union of these two.Leo is a passionate lover, warm hearted.Gemini can hold a grudge in the bedroom based on daily events; however, Leo's persuasive love making can remove any harbored resentment.Sparks can fly in their bedroom.

Business Relationships

Gemini and Leo can make great business partners.Gemini, the intellectual air sign, and Leo, the idealistic sun sign, will bring new and realistic ideas to the marketplace, Although, Gemini must hold in the rein on Leo so a broader view of the market is considered.

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