Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Gemini And Pisces

Use the zodiac to see how compatible a Gemini and Pisces match can be. Find out how a love match will fare between these signs.

In the search for love, some people turn to the stars for a mate. For those who believe in astrological principles, finding a soulmate may be as simple as perusing the zodiac charts for a perfect match.

How will a Gemini and Pisces match fare?

First, let's examine the Pisces nature. Pisces (born between February 20-March 20), whose symbol is the Fishes, is ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisceans tend to be patient, sensitive, sympathetic sorts. Affectionate and easy-going, they can sometimes be taken advantage of. They can be easily led by others, a consequence of being too kind and compassionate. They can be idealistic, daydreaming about creative pursuits, which makes a typical nine-to-five job boring for the typical Pisces. They love beauty and art and luxurious living, even when it's not within their means. They tend to accept people as they are, rather than try to change them and are usually more concerned about others' problems than their own""which can be a positive or negative aspect of this sign, depending on how it's viewed.

How about the Gemini? Geminis (born between May 22-June 21), whose symbol is the Twins, is ruled by the planet Mercury. Geminis tend to be complex, inquisitive, and versatile, but at the same time, inconsistent. This inconsistency falls in line with the dual nature of the Gemini. On one hand, they're outstanding charmers, but on the other hand, they can throw tantrums when things don't go their way. They can be fickle, going from one once-absorbing task to another when their interest wanes. Unfortunately, they tend to do the same to their lovers. They love to talk and will often chat about intellectual pursuits. They can have a great interest in a subject until they tire of it, and then they move on to the next.

How will a Pisces-Gemini relationship work? Well, it will take a lot of patience and dedication to be successful. Pisces is a Water sign and Gemini is an Air sign. Typically, Water signs get along better with Earth signs and Air signs fare better with Fire signs. There can be a high degree of passion in the relationship, but also many problems. At first, Gemini's intense ardor will win over more docile Pisces. Pisces, the good listener, will pay rapt attention to Gemini's musings, which will feed Gemini's ego. But Pisces is more likely to want to withdraw and be alone while Gemini craves outside stimulation. Pisces, the more sensitive, emotional partner, can easily be hurt by Gemini's thoughtless ways. Gemini can be superficial and cool to Pisces. While a Gemini may just be joking and playing around, Pisces takes things to heart and won't get the joke. Geminis crave freedom and new adventures, while Pisces needs constant adoration. Pisces may not feel secure with Gemini, and Gemini, in turn, will feel smothered and claustrophobic by Pisces' vague and unending demands. It's the Gemini nature to resist being tied down.

Pisces tends to be a shy lover, preferring a mind and soul connection during sex instead of just bodies. Gemini can accommodate that, and will probably excel at it while he's head-over-heels for Pisces, but once the new excitement wanes, Gemini may lose interest in the careful seduction of Pisces (and may seek another to seduce). Again, it's the dual nature of Gemini (and his constant search for variety) which makes it difficult for him to settle down.

While a Pisces-Gemini match is not the easiest or most compatible, there are, of course, some Pisces-Gemini matches which have stood the test of time. Just because a sun-sign love chart may say this is not an auspicious match doesn't mean it has to be that way. It may take more work and sacrifice, but if the parties are willing, they can find lasting love.

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