Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Leo And Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius are exact opposites on the astrological love match compatibility wheel.

What happens when a free-thinking, adventure-seeking Aquarian hooks up with a hard-working, attention-seeking Leo?The result ranges from a deep, shared respect for the eccentricities of the other to an intense dislike of the very things that attracted them in the first place.


Lions and Water Bearers share many similar personality traits.The initial attraction between the two is founded on this common ground.Both are determined, persistent and resilient.They are survivors and can weather many storms together.Both signs are fixed in nature causing an occasional, powerful conflict to arise.This can be a pairing of consistent ups and downs.Neither is easily swayed and down-right impossible to push or shove.They can make a very strong parenting team due to their stubborn natures. They are not easily manipulated by anyone, especially their own children.Both have strong wills and take some time when it comes to settling down.They love their freedom and will fight to hang on to it, especially the Aquarian.Both have a wild side that loves to party and have a good time.Memorable dates for this couple would include music concerts, amusement parks and sporting events.Thrill-seeking is a part of their nature and they can accomplish virtually anything together, from bungee jumping to deep-sea diving.They usually get on better as good friends than they do as romantic partners.


Although there is much common ground, there is more foreign territory with this couple.For every similarity there is a difference and then some.It could be said that the two are compatible if the conditions are favorable.The term "opposites attract" was coined for this duo.The Lion has a direct approach to sex that the Water Bearer will soon tire of.Aquarius likes to push the limits in every part of life and the bedroom is no exception.Aquarius is naturally rebellious and will act out if a Lion gets too controlling.Neither takes to domestication very well.Leo's need to be on a pedestal is deep-seated and a very big part of them.Aquarians have no real desire to be the center of attention, though sometimes they are due to their gregarious and outgoing nature.What the Aquarian craves is to belong. A band of brothers"¦a guild of masons"¦something that promotes camaraderie and working together for a cause appeals to Aquarius. They are very concerned with the deeper meanings of life.The Leo is primarily interested in physical matters.The Aquarius leans more toward the mental state of things.

Being accepted is much more important to the Aquarius than it is to Leo and this can put some distance between the two.Leo is content with a few close personal relationships while Aquarius plays the part of the social butterfly.A large number of friends, associates and acquaintances are all a part of the Aquarius package.This can leave a Leo feeling lonely and rejected. Not a good thing for the king of the jungle.Wounded lions are not a pretty sight.Aquarius can feel a bit smothered by the over-protective Lion.Aquarius can also be overwhelmed by the neediness of a Leo.Aquarians never go approval- or spotlight-seeking like the Leo does and has little tolerance for it.Aquarians are the way they are and if you choose not to like it"¦..well, that's okay with them.They didn't call the 60's the Age of Aquarius for nothing.


All this may leave you wondering what on Earth would cause any attraction between these two, much less an intense one.There are many different traits that each will admire about the other.It is very important that each is able to understand and nurture those opposing qualities for this pair to make it work.They are different in many significant ways. However, those differences can be overcome with insight and appreciation.Leo is another new horizon for the Water Bearer to conquer. Aquarius is drawn to the warmth and vitality of the sun that rules the house of Leo.Leo is attracted to the beat of the drum that only an Aquarius can hear.Leo values Aquarius for their one-of-a-kind ways and respects the Aquarian ability to carry it off.Both are brave and love the rush of adrenaline. Leo can help Aquarius learn and grow by giving them the freedom to do so.This may require reigning in the possessive Leo trait and tempering the Leo need for attention.Leo can find other ways to satisfy that longing for center stage. However, they must be careful not to throw everything into work or hobbies, leaving relationships unattended.Leo is a notorious workaholic.It is very easy for a Lion to take their partner for granted, no matter what the sign.Doing so can leave an Aquarius feeling ignored and taken for granted.Aquarian eyes can wander when they are unhappy.

Aquarius' can lead Leo to consider more spiritual matters and be receptive other points of view.With Aquarius, Leo can do all the things they ever wanted with lots of support and encouragement. Aquarius is a fountain of positive energy and can-do spirit. The best thing Aquarius can do for Leo is communicate.It is absolutely imperative that they let each other know exactly what they want or need.If the lines of communication in this partnership ever shut down, confusion will be the end result.

Leo and Aquarius are exact opposites on the astrological wheel.Attractions like these are extremely good or equally as bad.It is a partnership that can work.Just remember that it will take some work to make it last.

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