Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Leo And Libra

Each of the 12 zodiac signs represent certain positive and negative characteristics in human behavior. In life and love, Leos and Libras may not only be one of the most compatible but also one of the most combustible.

Can you imagine Eleanor Roosevelt being former President Bill Clinton's First Lady? Listen to Bruce Springsteen rocking out with pop star Whitney Houston? Or picture journalist Barbara Walters prodding the legendary Julius Caesar during an interview?

Leos and Libras may certainly make for some strange bed fellows, though they have a lot in common that could actually make them compatible in life and love. Both love luxuries, are subject to flattery and are very artistically inclined.

Leo, the lion, is the sign of confidence and power. Those with Leo traits radiate warmth to all and bask in adoration and affection. They love to give and receive love. They are dramatic, great organizers and leaders as others always feel great confidence in them. They are also stubborn, dogmatic and egotistic. Leo rules the heart and the spine. Famous Leos include: Clinton, Houston and Caesar.

Libra, the scales, is the most cultured, refined, artistic and musical of the astrological signs. It has a strong sense of justice and balance, and it brings reconciliation through seeing both sides of an issue. At times, Libras can be quite indecisive. It is a sign of war as well as peace. Libra is said to rule the kidneys and loins. Famous Libras include: Roosevelt, Springsteen and Walters.

These two signs both possess exceptionally warm characters but the compatibility for these signs sometimes waivers. Leos enjoy a good fight and an arguing match that clears the air for them, but it does not thrill the souls of peace-loving and harmonious Libras.

Any attempts to discuss their differences calmly, may meet with the fiery temper of Leos, and Libras find this to be ugly, unbalanced and uncongenial. Leos may not face any decision-making unless it is a pressing concern, and Libras are likely to see this attitude as irresponsible and unloving. These actions may in turn provoke more friction between the two.

Leos also demand constant adulation, which may cause problems from time to time. Eventually, Libras may get the idea what's good for the goose is good for the gander. In those instances, the hale and hearty Leos prove to be too much for the sensitive native of the Libras.

Since Libras worry the most about a loss of youth and attractiveness, they will often flirt with the opposite sex, many times only for their own reassurance when they get a positive response. This may provoke a strong possessive and jealous streak in the Leos, who will horrify the Libras with angry outbursts. Leos and Libras are both on again off again workers and will spend long periods doing nothing. Neither recognize their own traits in their mate, and may hurl insights of laziness at each other.

Sexually, Leos and Libras' appetites are similar. Libras need glamour and fantasy and looks to the Leos to supply it in the bedroom. If this need is not met, Libras may look for a new partner. Leos approach to sex tends to be more a straightforward, direct one that with a different mate could get into fantasies. With Libra, a Leos' sexual appetite may not always be expressed to the fullest due to the arguing.

A business partnership may be the biggest obstacle where the two signs display their incompatibility. Libras may not have much of a chance to express their ideas across to the Leos, who are set in their ways. The periods of laziness also may not be conducive to building wealth.

Any type of business decision may spark long debates or a battle royal. This is not a good successful combination for a business partnership.

Overall, a loving relationship between Leos and Libras may be full of extreme peaks and valleys when it comes to compatibility. This may either be a match made in Heaven, or not.

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