Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Leo And Sagittarius

Can Leo and Sagittarius find a Love Match? Discussion of their astrology compatibility.

The Leo is one of the most dominant signs in the zodiac. Ruled by the sun, the Leo is in the group of fire signs. This makes them very passionate and dynamic people to be around. Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, and are guided by a very positive and optimistic outlook on life. They are very idealistic and always try to find the good in any person or situation. Many people will find this bright outlook on life to be refreshing.

Leo's have very big hearts and are very generous. They usually develop very strong friendships and are liked by many. Their creative and spontaneous nature makes them the life of the party and draws many people to them. This is not at all a problem foe the Leo because, they love attention and being in the spotlight. Like the Leo, the Sag is also very generous and is a born leader. Sagittarians are very profound and articulate, and make for great conversationalists. Their humor and their lighthearted nature make them a huge hit at social gatherings, and their drive and vision make them excellent leaders.

One of the things that make Leos stand out is their zest for life.They love children, growth, creativity, and art. They also understand the importance of love and need very much to have love in their lives. They will literally give the shirt off their back to help a friend in need. While very showy, and even cocky at times, Leos also have a vulnerable side that only the ones closest to them will see. Sagittarians love life as well, and they enjoy learning new things and experimenting with new ideas. They are extremely honest and trustworthy, never betraying a loved one's confidence or trust. They are always free to give a listening ear, and will always try to help a depressed friend see the bright side of a situation. They have no problem playing the role or caretaker.

In criticism, Leos can be very arrogant and require excessive ego stroking and praise. Leos can be very resistant to any form of criticism, no matter how constructive or carefully worded. They can also be very gullible and shallow at times, allowing themselves to be deceived by beauty or charisma. The constant quest for something different can cause many Sagittarians to be promiscuous and irresponsible, taking unnecessary risks. Many have fallen victim to gambling and get-rich quick schemes. They can also be very domineering and impatient; making others feels as if their efforts are never good enough.

Despite these shortcomings, Leos and Sagittarians usually make for a very good match. They are both very generous and loving people who enjoy sharing new experiences. The Sag is usually very easily distracted, but if anyone can hold the Sag's interest, it is the Leo. Expect this pair to waste no time filling up the home with children and pets. They have great potential as a couple, and they will definitely share a great deal of fun and laughter.

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