Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Libra And Pisces

Explores the relationship of Libra and a Pisces compatibility based on Astrology.

Every different match of astrological signs brings out different characteristics in the two parties and in each other.These might be good or bad.Never is this more true than in the match of a Libra (Sept 23rd-Oct. 22nd) and a Pisces (Feb. 19th-March 20th).The Libra, symbolized by scales, and the Pisces, symbolized by the fish, are likely to be extremely attracted to each other in spite of all the differences. Pisces will be attracted to the Libras' smile and free spirit; Libra will be attracted to Pisces' eyes and soulful personality.

Together Libra and Pisces can create a special world of their own.It will be a world full of the magic storytelling of the Pisces and the harmony of Libra.When they are together without any outside influences this is a magical union.Libras are air signs making them naturally dynamic and positive while Pisces are water signs which signifies negative and secretive traits.

Pisces are quiet and reflective but they still know how to communicate their ideas.They also enjoy helping others and feeling needed. Libras are more outgoing and like to be helped.They will enjoy the attention and the serving nature of the Pisces. Usually Libra is also very giving but they will become so accustomed to the feeling of being served and adored they will lose some of their own giving nature.Over time this can wear on the Pisces nerves and no longer be such an enjoyable thing.

Pisces like to be heard and appreciated for their poetic wisdom.Libra will hear what they have to say, put it on their scales, weigh it, and then argue it into the ground.Pisces will be crushed.Libra typically loves his stories and has suddenly turned into a critic.Libra certainly did not mean to hurt Pisces but has to by nature weigh and argue both sides of everything.The Libra need to constantly be fair to everyone can make them seem moody and unpredictable to their Pisces mate.

Pisces are typically great pretenders.They are astrologically destined to be writers or actors or some profession that will allow them to live in their own dream world.Libras live in the real world but tend to be idealists; until they become involved with a Pisces.The Libra will suddenly find themselves the grounded, practical one (not a typical Libra roll) and have to take charge.Libras are natural leaders and suddenly having to be more practical will bring out their skills.Pisces may find Libra demanding and authoritative and grow tired of the relationship.The same Libra who is neglectful of daily mundane chores when paired with an earth sign (such as Virgo) will suddenly be in charge of the monotony.Pisces are not typically neat or tidy and Libra likes a neat and tidy home (even though they don't typically like to be the one keeping it so).

As you can see a pattern is developing.This relationship is not likely to be a long term prospect.Pisces will probably break it off eventually for freedom or another new free spirit.Libras are not balanced until they have a life partner on the other side of their scale.In other words, they are the marrying kind.Pisces as a general rule either sail alone through life or marry many times.

Of course, exceptions exist and there are sure to be successful Libra-Pisces pairings. They could have many fights but they are both intelligent with the ability to compromise.They need to be careful not to lead each other to far into a make believe world and become lazy or substance dependent.Both signs have these tendencies and without a natural down to earth personality in charge could be led astray.

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