Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Sagittarius And Aquarius

Ever wondered about the zodiac sign compatibility of two people with the zodiac signs Sagittaruis and Aquarius?

Have you ever wondered if you and your partner were compatible on a higher level?

Wonder why things bother you while others don't?What does love have in store for the two of you in the future? Many people are afraid of the unknown, the uncertainties in life and are always seeking to find knowledge and understanding.Many look towards horoscopes for a little guidance.

So what is the love compatibility between a Sagittarius and Aquarius? This is a partnership of air mixed with fire. Aquarians are the fuel that feed the fire with excitement all their own. Aquarians don't express their love conventionally, they tend to use dramatic gestures and public declarations of affection. They're rational even during the most heated of arguments. They find sensible solutions to stressful situations, which is a big plus to keeping and maintaining peace in relationships.Their relationships always have to be moving forward for them to thrive. Aquarians will easily inspire you to reach your goals with their inventiveness and out-of-the-box thinking on life.

Sagittarians are idealists but like to also be practical.They're goal oriented and feel best when on their way to achieving them.Both partners must be willing to engage in the outdoors and the physical aspects of love or you'll both lose interest in each other quite quickly.

The two of you together will feel like you're on the cutting edge of life.You can be terrific friends if it doesn't become hot romantically.If you're living together, lack of routine can make it hard to become settled. Together you communicate exciting ideas and sometimes express unusual ways to stimulate each other.You'll enjoy each other and making each moment special in some way for each other.

Overall though when reading horoscopes you also need to take into consideration more complex compatibility factors.Sun signs reflect your basic character. They can show what you both want from life.They show your ego, including what you both want from a relationship.They indicate how a person approaches things, including crafting an ideal romance.They may also reveal character defects.They will show how you view relationships and expectations you have from a partner.

Mercury signs reveal what engages your mind as well as your individual communication styles and intellectual abilities.The specific placement of Mercury in your astrological chart indicates how you express yourself, relate to others, and what interests are appealing to you.These signs can also reflect your flirting styles, as well as how you express and communicate love, anger and your feelings.

Venus and Mars sign cross over compatibility is your best indicator of sexual chemistry and attraction.The Venus sign represents the feminine principle and shows the best ways the female likes to receive loving attention. The relation of your Mars sign to Venus sign will show how to express you desires and ways of pursuing the other person that will work best.

So hopefully this will give you some insight into love horoscopes, showing the compatibility for two people whose signs are a Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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