Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Sagittarius And Capricorn

This article examines the way in which Capricorn and Sagittarius are compatible in love and in what ways they clash.

From the beginning, Sagittarius and Capricorn seem like an unlikely match.Capricorn is aloof and self-contained, while Sagittarius is boisterous and easy-going.Sometimes though, to everyone's surprise, the two become interested in each other romantically.

Capricorns immediately love the cheerful optimism and good nature of a Sagittarius.They may find themselves caught up in the other person's mood, laughing, dreaming, and revealing more of their true self than they would expect to.Sagittarius, always the hunter, is intrigued by the chase necessary to catch a Capricorn.The depth and reserved exterior of the Capricorn intrigue them and they feel compelled to try and break through the calm facade.If they don't get bored with the game, they will feel all the more smitten because the object of their desire is so difficult to catch.

This chase gives Capricorn a chance to watch Sagittarius in action and get a feel for who they are.However, what they are seeing here is only a portion of Sagittarian lover's personality.They may see them acting the same way a couple weeks later, only they are chasing someone else.The tendency of Sagittarius to be a "Don Juan" meshes badly with Capricorn's emphasis on faithfulness and long relationships.Capricorn views courtship as a means to an end, a way of finding a life partner.Sagittarius lives for the excitement of courtship itself.Once that is over, the Sagittarius often loses interest in the person they have caught.

First dates may be awkward, with either Capricorn being overdressed or Sagittarius being underdressed.The latter is more likely, since Capricorn will probably insist on planning the evening.Sagittarius may find Capricorn a bit stuffy in his preoccupation with manners and taste for classy things.Capricorn may be embarrassed or shocked by Sagittarius's frankness and lack of conventional decorum.However, if they can get past these things, the evening will be filled with lively conversation.Sagittarians love to talk and Capricorn is an ideal audience, listening attentively and prompting the speaker with open-ended questions.This gives Capricorn a chance to spy, to decide what he really thinks about this strange, flamboyant creature.These two should steer clear of controversial subjects though.They both tend to be highly opinionated and lively debate could easily turn into an all-out conversational brawl.

If the Capricorn decides he likes and trusts the Sagittarius, their sex life will start off with a bang.Capricorn is deeply tied to the earth and has a natural sexual intuition.Sagittarius is an enthusiastic partner to say the least, and they will feed each other's passion to greater ardor.A Sagittarius may be shocked to find that Capricorn lovemaking improves with age and familiarity.This sign retains a youthful sex drive well into their later years and they become more adventurous and free as they grow to trust a person.If Capricorn feels like he's just a fling though, Sagittarius may find herself being the one who is abandoned for once. Capricorns don't consider love trivial and have no problem walking away if they feel threatened or let down by their partner.

Arguments between Capricorn and Sagittarius will be just as passionate as their lovemaking.Capricorn is stubborn, willful, demanding, and not at all shy about voicing complaints.Sagittarius shares these same traits, though they can be a bit more outspoken and emotional.Capricorns are less likely to scream, more likely to say their piece, and then dig in their heels or walk away.Neither of these two are likely to compromise and the first major disagreement may be their last.

If they can manage to compromise, this tendency towards discord might work in their favor.Capricorn is not prone to the emotional melodrama which Sagittarius finds off-putting, so these occasional blow-ups may serve to keep Sagittarius interested.Sagittarius quickly grows bored with domestic harmony and the challenge of pleasing a finicky Capricorn will keep them on their toes.Capricorn, however, may suffer from this strife.They need harmony and security and this, coupled with the capriciousness of Sagittarius, may cause them to label the Sag an unwise investment.Sagittarius may also not take their grudges and gripes seriously or be able to deal with constantly being brought down by Capricorn pessimism.

Power imbalances are common in Capricorn relationships.They tend to choose partners who are young and naive so they do not feel threatened.However, this also means that they have a harder time finding a partner who will live up to their high standards.They may be initially attracted to Sagittarius because of a subconscious recognition of their youthful outlook and playfulness.They mistake this for naivety, which is not quite as common in the Sagittarius.At first they may be excited to find this child-like demeanor coupled with worldliness and intelligence.However, their guard is up once Sagittarius proves to be a worthy adversary.Sagittarius may feel toyed with and belittled by the patronizing attitude of an older Capricorn or pressured by the needs of an older person for a secure relationship.

Career interests and work ethic in general are another area where Capricorn and Sagittarius are likely to clash.Both are ambitious and goal driven, but their methods differ considerably.Capricorn takes a steady road to success, one that is slow and difficult but certain.Sagittarius is a risk-taker who dreams big and is capable of heroics, but doesn't have much patience for the long haul.Capricorn wants a work partner in a relationship while Sagittarius wants a playmate.

A Sagittarius and Capricorn may work well together in a relationship for years, if times are prosperous and both are content.When hard times hit though, the relationship is likely to spontaneously combust.Capricorns become more reserved and distrustful in lean times while Sagittarians become more capricious and flighty.Capricorn is likely to become angry and resentful when Sagittarius isn't a steady helper.A Sagittarian will become disenchanted, blame his partner, and head for the highway.He may later be surprised to learn that he has made a lifelong enemy; Capricorns don't take abandonment and compromises in trust lightly.

Despite the wishes of the Sagittarian, this relationship is unlikely to mellow into a friendship.Capricorns hold grudges for much longer than the Sagittarian can even remember what they fought about.This lack of comprehension will further anger the Capricorn, as they will feel devalued and treated flippantly.Consequently, Sagittarius is, at least temporarily, hurt at the bad blood between them

Though the Capricorn-Sagittarius relationship can be a passionate learning experience for both people, it rarely has the proper foundation for a life-long commitment.Even if they overcome their differences in personalities, there is no guarantee the Sagittarius will stay and guarantees are exactly what the Capricorn needs to be happy.

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