Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Scorpio And Sagittarius

A relationship between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius can be a thrilling, exciting ride.

Passionate, volatile, meaningful""all words that could describe the romantic relationship between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius. The pluto-jupiter pairing can certainly be harmonious, but it will take some work from both individuals to achieve this.

Scorpios are prone to quick tempers, biting sarcasm and a general sense of narcissism; alternately they're fiercely protective of their family, generate deep, lasting friendships and have compassion for just about everyone.

Sagittarius folks are blunt, tactless and flighty; at their best they're friendly, nurturing, genuine and honest.

The traits that bond the two signs are humor, intelligence and creativity. In fact, many Scorpio/Sagittarius couples meet while they're working together on creative projects. Common careers for both signs are teachers, politicians, writers, actors, preachers, artists and musicians.

Generally, they won't be competitive where occupations are concerned, but may criticize one another about their financial habits. Sagittarius partners will claim their Scorpio counterparts are conservative with their spending while Scorpios will be mortified by the pace at which the Sagittarian can burn through their paycheck.

What may be more difficult is that both parties are somewhat selfish when it comes to money. For example, Scorpios may not think twice about buying an expensive item for themselves, if they've saved up for it, but will wince when their partner does the same thing (more so for the frequency of the Sagittarian's purchases than the act itself). On the opposite, the Sagittarius would be happy if the Scorpio loosened up and splurged more often""to make them feel less guilty about their own spending habits.

There's also the issue of privacy. Scorpios tend to love it and Sagittarians have no use for it. Both want to learn the intimate feelings and thoughts of their mate, but only the Sagittarian desires to reveal them. Because the Sagittarian asks so many questions, and has somewhat of a gift when it comes to intuition, he or she will probably solve the puzzle first. This will only anger the secretive Scorpio who wants to maintain a mysterious aura, even if there's nothing to hide. To avoid potential meltdown, the Sagittarius partner should keep quiet about what they discover, and the Scorpio should realize no matter how many questions the Sagittarius asks, their intentions aren't bad.

In the matter of romance, the Sagittarius will be the definite winner of the two. Sagittarians will write love letters, draw hearts in the sand and plan thoughtful surprises throughout the relationship. The Scorpio will love intensely, but be more focused on the important conversations, meaningful milestones""and sex.

In the bedroom, Scorpios have an electricity that is unmatched by any other sign of the zodiac. Their passionate appetite for making love can be exhausting for some, but Sagittarians can usually keep up.

The experimental Sagittarians appreciate the spontaneity of the Scorpio intention, and the Scorpios crave the tender affection of their Jupiter lover. In short, this makes for a good physical match. These two should have no problems with intimacy.

As for general communication, trouble is usually brewing. The Sagittarius likes to talk. They like to yell, scream, sing, hum and chirp. The Scorpio likes it quiet. When the Sagittarian feels the Scorpio is keeping something from them (even if they're not), they may confront the Scorpio which will only make things worse. Scorpios don't like to have suspicion surrounding them, especially if it's not warranted. And they certainly don't want to discuss it!

To avoid unnecessary tension, Scorpio/Sagittarius couples should establish ground rules early into their courtship to develop a productive way of communicating. If they realize they're different, and respect each other's methods of contact, they'll do just fine.

As for occupations, neither sign is especially competitive so the two could easily work in the same office or for the same cause and get along fine. To create something together, whether it be painting their home or writing a song would be completely in character for this match. The Sagittarian will be in awe of the Scorpio intelligence and the Scorpio will admire the inventive talent of the Sagittarian.

The same goes for parenting""if a Sagittarian and a Scorpio share a child, they'll both consult the other when decisions need to be made, or discipline needs to be enforced. The Scorpio may be a little more strict, but the Sagittarian will likely expect more from the offspring. Together, they'd make a fine team striking a balance between silly and serious.

All in all, the magnetic bond shared by this pluto-jupiter connection can result in many years of excitement and intimacy. With patience, understanding and respect the Scorpio and Sagittarius will enjoy a lifetime of happiness.

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