Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Taurus And Aquarius

A Taurus and an Aquarius relationship will seldom succeed, but recognizing its pitfalls can greatly increase its chances.

A Taurus and an Aquarius relationship will seldom succeed, but recognizing its pitfalls can greatly increase its chances.


Taurus is one of the most practical of signs; Aquarius is just the opposite.The most intellectual of the signs, Aquarius includes the most creative and inventive of all people.Many geniuses are born under this sign.However, Aquarius is a dreamer, often lacking the drive to put these inventive plans into action.

While Taurus is determined and works until all plans reach fruition, Aquarius only dreams.This can be a rather huge pitfall for the couple, or it can be Aquarius' saving grace.Working together, Aquarius' plans can become a reality.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, love, and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, Karma, and Uranus, Rebellion.Venus is warm and strides towards the beautiful in life while Saturn is cold and attracted to the strange and unusual in life.Uranus then adds a touch of rebellion making the pair miles about emotionally.But even this difference can be conquered if Taurus and Aquarius learn from one another.Taurus will learn to welcome change when it is for the best, and Aquarius will learn about the warmth and beauty in the world.

Nevertheless, these signs do have one aspect in common:They are both fixed signs.This can affect them negatively and positively.

Taurus wants security and needs Aquarius nearby, warmly sharing a romantic bond.But Aquarius is interested in intellectual pursuits.If Aquarius meets another intellect at a party, the conversation will continue all night long.

Aquarius is also interested in saving the world - involved in political and social issues.This aggravates the already jealous Taurus, and some serious arguments will be the result with Aquarius further aggravating the situation with a cold, aloof manner.

Positively, their mutual fixed signs may keep them together.They are both capable of maintaining a goal through sheer strong will.If they commit themselves to each other, their relationship can be solid.

Although this, too, can be a pitfall.Many Taurus-Aquarius relationships continue on even though they are no longer beneficial to the parties involved or to their families.An abusive, detrimental relationship can continue because of the strong will to make it work at any cost.

Sexually, Taurus, Venus, is by nature warm, but Aquarius, Saturn, is by nature cold.Sexual activity is low on Aquarius' list of intellectual priorities.Taurus may just have to give in here to Aquarius' nature.

In spite of all this, most astrologers say that this combination is terrific if these pitfalls can be worked through.Taurus will find Aquarius's inventiveness stimulating; Aquarius will find Taurus' practicality comforting.Their two powerful personalities must learn to work together, instead of clashing together.This can happen if they each take on individual roles and then agree on these roles.

Business Partnerships

Both Aquarius and Taurus are dominant personalities who would face the same pitfalls in a business partnership as those discussed here.Aquarians tend to move from job to job, getting bored easily.Hence, a business partnership is ill-advised, but Taurus can choose an Aquarian business consultant to come up with innovative ideas for their marketplace.

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