Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Taurus And Capricorn

the love compatibility for Taurus and Capricorn, according to astrology and their characteristics.

This combination of signs is definitely a love connection.Taurus and Capricorn were made for each other!This is one of those relationships that others are jealous of.Both Capricorn and Taurus enjoy stability and commitment, warmth and communication. Venus rules Taurus and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and these two planets have a natural, harmonious blend.If you are a Taurus and your partner is a Capricorn, look for a long-lasting relationship with all the things each of you crave.Chances are, you have found your soul mate.

Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth signs.This means that both of you love to live the good life, with all the material possessions and trimmings.Your home will most likely be filled with beautiful things that are pleasing to the eye, if not the pocketbook!The good news is that both of you tend to be hardworking in nature; so living well is not beyond your means.

Values are extremely important to both of you, but you both have the same kind and level of values.You are disciplined, with high standards that former mates may not have appreciated.Others find it hard to live up to the moral standards expected by the two of you, yet for Taurus and Capricorn, it is second nature.You are both practical and sensible, with a down-to-earth outlook that is a relief to find in another person.Neither one of you likes crazy surprises because you both prefer to plan things instead of doing them on the spur of the moment.You also have a lot of things to talk about. Your mutual interests provide you with a million things to talk about and do.You do not get bored with each other.Taurus will teach Capricorn to take the occasional break and enjoy life and Capricorn will show Taurus the most effective ways to follow through with goals.

Your sex life is bound to be steamy, yet intimate, once Taurus gets past Capricorn's initial cautious and somewhat modest nature.You will be able to bond on many levels, both physical and mental.Taurus finds Capricorn's love of irony enticing and charming-a total turn-on.Capricorn will find that the earthy Taurus is an indulgent and sensuous lover that provides the emotional security a Capricorn needs to feel loved.These two signs can be fully dedicated to one another, with no desire to look outside this totally satisfying relationship.Other signs will look at this pairing with envy, because this level of commitment and intimacy is not easily found elsewhere.

These two signs can also work well together.Capricorns love to be creative and come up with great ideas, and Taurus' love to make these ideas a reality and keep them going. Your natural affinity for hard work and good communication skills make a working relationship between the two of you positive and healthy.

All in all, a more comfortable and confident pairing cannot be found.On every level, Taurus and Capricorn are compatible and find mutual satisfaction and joy.These two signs meet each other's every need and can combine to be friends, lovers and companions in every sense of the word.Lucky are the Taurus' and Capricorns of the world, because you do not need anyone else but each other.

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