Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Taurus And Gemini

Taurus can learn how comaptible they are with a Gemini lover. Also, Learn what brings you together and what your differences are as well.

The Taurus Gemini union can be one of great kinship and romance, provided these two very different personalities make the choice to accept and set their differences aside. Without this action of acceptance and tolerance, these two neighboring signs might find it trying emotionally to keep their romance alive. This is so, because these two signs are very opposite in their way of thinking as well as living. Taurus is resistant to change and may not enjoy the mental complexity and indecision of the Gemini mind. Gemini longs for change and often displays indecision and restlessness when dealing with emotional issues. The Taurus lover appreciates knowing where they stand. Therefore, Gemini may confuse and baffle a Taurus with their indecision and complex way of thinking. The two may find it difficult to communicate at times, because of their tendency to get on one another's nerves. They may both find it hard to deal with one another's differences, however, it is their differences that stimulate and fascinate them about each other.

The Taurus individual is a peaceful earth sign who is steady in his/her relationships and provides a consistency that the Gemini individual will find heart-warming and secure. The Gemini teaches the Taurus to have fun and loosen up in his/her relationships while the Taurus individual teaches Gemini to slow down and enjoy security and consistency in a relationship. Gemini admires and appreciates this about his/her Taurus lover. The Taurus man or woman may be very slow to make a romantic commitment, waiting to be sure that the love shared is a secure and trustworthy one, which can tend to frustrate the fast-paced Gemini. Acceptance and tolerance once again comes into play when dealing with one another's differences.

Their many differences may cause problems and often leads to difficulties in their relationship. Taurus is consistent and requires stability as well as loyalty in his/her relationships, while Gemini may find it hard to commit completely emotionally. Also, the Taurus sign is much more sensual and sexual than the Gemini individual, enjoying long and passionate interludes of lovemaking and using it as a form of expression. Gemini, on the other hand, is more mental and enjoys being stimulated by new and exciting methods of lovemaking. However, Gemini's sexual needs are not as in depth as a Taurus's need for sexual pleasures.Sensuality is never far from a Taurus's mind.

These two signs are helplessly drawn to one another but somehow manage to make each other uncomfortable still. There is a great deal of attraction and fascination toward the other in this match-up, however, feelings may change in an instant from love to hate. This relationship will be somewhat of a roller coaster ride of emotions that sway from extreme love to resentment and bitterness.This relationship can work if love is real and provided that both people involved learn to deal with, adapt to and accept each other's differences. Boredom will never be an expression used to describe this pair, for there is never a moment that isn't exciting in its own way. Fun and excitement will always be apparent in this union and as long as both personalities can find a way to merge as allies, love will prevail.

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