Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Taurus And Sagittarius

A look at the compatibility between a stubborn Taurus and a free spirited Sagitarius, and how they relate to one another.

The union of a Taurus and a Sagittarius can spark an incredible bond of passion and mystery for the two lovers.Generally, Taureans are the determined and sensible types who will never give up if they do not have to.Their fortitude in life is to exceed all obstacles and to come out on top.This is often what has earned them the title of "stubborn bulls".Known to being materialistic, they care deeply for their homes, and for other luxuries, they seek out in life.They feel they have earned this through the hard work and willingness to survive even in the hardest of predicaments.They are however very generous and kind loving.Family and loved ones are very dear to them, and they strive to keep their friends and family very close to them.Taureans can be very loyal and devoted, but if pushed too far, they are hardly lenient and that is when the bullheadedness can kick in.The dust will rise if you anger a Taurus, as they are very irritable and should not be provoked.These individuals are diligent in their hunger for success and firm in their desires to build solid foundations with those they include around them.

Sagittarians on the other hand are free spirited wanderers, independent and stylish.They do not desire the restraints of another's needs or wants and prefer to expand their horizons.Their open-mindedness invites those of similar attitudes to pick their brains. They are full of philosophical truths and long to gain more of those same truths from others that have want to enlighten them.They place high value on knowledge and at times can seem haughty and far too sure of themselves, leading them to have to put their foot in their mouths when they open it too wide during conversations.They do not think before they speak. They have no real wish to do so, for what is on their mind is what they want to say, and they feel there is no reason to restrain them.

Whatever a Sagittarian likes to do, they do with the utmost grandeur of style.Searching for the good stuff in life, they seek out the best of the best, and this is where the Taureans and Sagittarians will come to agreement, that they both have the ambition to get what they want.These flights of fancy keep the Sagittarian open with their options of love and relationships, choosing to remain a mystery and allow those willing to challenge them to cross their paths.They are enthusiastic and always eager for adventure wherever it may be.

Together these two signs will see things in their own light.Taurus will be the more relaxed of the two, which will often bother the restless nature of the Sagittarian.Sagittarians will not stand for complacency and will provoke the bull to graze in other pastures and explore the world, utilizing that ambitious nature, but more than likely for the Sagittarians purposes alone.Taurus will be a worthy companion for the Sagittarius, but the Sagittarius will not admit her or his neediness for a stable base for a relationship.He or she will try to stir things up which will agitate the Taurus, and the bull might sharpen his or her horns when this happens. In the first stages of the companionship, Taurus will long for a more committed relationship, and this might scare the Sagittarius away, but through the Taurean's patience, they both will come to appreciate one another more.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the planet Venus rules the Taurus, which is the matron of love and beauty.Jupiter, the great teacher of the zodiac and philosopher, rules the Sagittarius.Together these two will work together to sustain one another through beauty and intellect.The masculine and feminine energies that flow between these two will cause them to admire one another and finally convince them of their common bond. So, grab the bull by the horns and let love take flight.

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