Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Taurus And Virgo

Taurus and Virgo have a lot in common and make a wonderful team. These similarities are met with just a few differences.

Taurus and Virgo complement each other and have few disagreements. You both have a strong practical side and are very intelligent when it comes to finances. You also work very well together in your marriage or relationship. Taurus and Virgo are both very focused when it comes to accomplishing things, and won't stop until the project is finished to your satisfactions. You are both very fond of children and will completely devote yourselves to them and each other. You will build a strong home together and support each other in areas where the other lacks. Since Virgo loves taking care of someone and Taurus loves lots of attention, both partners are completely satisfied in this relationship. Taurus is more emotionally stable than Virgo, and Virgo appreciates the nurturing, soothing and healing qualities that Taurus possesses. You both derive great enjoyment from food; Virgo is more concerned with nutrition, while Taurus just enjoys food.

You both get a secure feeling from being close to nature (camping, living in the country), working with natural materials such as clay, wood and natural fibers. Also, you two are both cautious and carefully analyze a decision before actually making one. Taurus in particular dislikes change and may take longer to make a decision, but once he/she makes a decision, he/she will stick with it. Virgo, on the other hand, has a tendency to worry and is sometimes difficult to please. This is when the steadiness of Taurus is very comforting to Virgo, along with his/her emotional strength and even temper.

Neither of you are very conventional when it comes to rules or social standards, but Virgo has a harder time conforming and might sometimes rebel against such limitations. Taurus helps Virgo learn to be true to his/her self, beliefs and nature without always "bucking the system." You both have playfulness and a zest for newness about you, which infuses your relationship, and you spark each other's imaginative and creative side. This is great in a long-term relationship because you will not fall into a boring routine. You encourage each other to be independent, take risks and develop new outlets; however you also work well together on everyday chores and problem solving. You are great friends, which is why you have such open communication, and you thoroughly enjoy spending time together. Taurus is intrigued by Virgo's attention to detail and Virgo will agree with Taurus's drive for success.

In spite of all these wonderful compliments to each other, Taurus and Virgo do have some differences. For example, Virgo is very critical by nature and Taurus does not like having his/her faults pointed out. This could cause much stress between the two. Also, Taurus has a lazy, slapdash side that can be very annoying to Virgo sometimes. It would not be a good idea to get into a business together as equal partners due to differing approaches. Sometimes you will challenge each other mentally and confront each other's inconsistencies, weaknesses, and patterns of thinking. While this can help you learn about yourselves, it can also lead to arguments.

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