Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Virgo And Capricorn

An article describing the compatibility of Virgo and Capricorn in a romantic relationship.

Virgo and Capricorn make a wonderful match, if they can ever manage to get together.Both require long periods of courtship where they are pursued in a way that is flattering and tasteful.Neither is really impressed by flamboyance and neither is likely to make any grand gestures.

Rather, their relationship is likely to have a foundation in a long, deep friendship based on mutual admiration.Virgo and Capricorn are both known for their quick, probing intellects and, as a pair, they will spend a great deal of time debating and analyzing.As they discover each other's loyalty, discipline, and down-to-earth view of things, this admiration could very well deepen into romantic love.They are both willing to give the other all the time they need to prove to themselves that this is a bond worth exploring.The only potential problem early on is that Capricorns love to be pursued, which means that a shy Virgo may have to come out of his or her shell a bit to win them.That's okay, both are happier when they wait until later in life to marry, so there's no rush.

Both have an appetite for tasteful atmospheres, though opulence is not impressive to them.These two may find their best evenings together are spent at fine restaurants or watching foreign films at home.Capricorn and Virgo couples should find ways to do things together that allow them to connect as a couple, while not making them feel guilty for wasting too much time on leisure.Home improvement projects or volunteer work are great weekend activities to allow these two time together.

In general, Virgo's perfectionism and constant energy work well with Capricorn's ambition and stubborn discipline.Both find these traits admirable in a partner, though conflicts may erupt over whose career comes "first" in the relationship.These couples also need to be very careful about making time for each other as they can easily get wrapped up in their own goals while the relationship is neglected.These two would work well starting their own business as it would give them an opportunity to combine work and play.Watch out though--Both signs are often critical but have difficulty when others are critical of them.Nit-picking and hurt feelings could chip away at the relationship.Nevertheless, with a strong bond and a willingness to show the respect they feel for one another, Virgos and Capricorns can work as a team, which is at the top of their list of needs in a relationship.

However, when the work is done, the best way to bring out the sensual side of a Virgo or Capricorn is to pamper them with luxury.Capricorns love comfort and Virgos find comfortable surroundings.Candlelight, down comforters, and champagne are excellent way to set the mood for an evening of lovemaking.

Earth signs have a bad reputation as far as sexuality.They are often considered anywhere from clueless about romance to outright frigid.While the practicality and emotional cautiousness of both Capricorn and Virgo may cause them to shun the traditional bells and whistles of romance, they tend to make up for this in deep emotional connections and warm-hearted gestures.Once you touch the heart of either sign, you may find them earthy in a very different way, capable of rich sensuality and a large capacity for pleasure.They tend to understand each other's aloofness and work to bring out the parts of each other which generally stay carefully hidden.

The only thing which is likely to cause problems in the bedroom is that they are so similar.Both like to be pursued and Capricorn in particular may resent always having to take on a dominant role.To make the relationship work long term, Virgo will have to learn how to occasionally let down her hair and Capricorn will have to learn to play the satyr every now and then.

They also have to be cautious about letting the sexual aspects of the relationship get stale.Once the initial sparks are gone, they may settle into a sexual routine which is satisfying to neither of them.Though both are unlikely to stray, they may treat each other with such aloofness that the relationship fizzles out.To prevent this, they should find the more adventurous elements the have in common and use their mutual trust as a basis for experimentation.

Life in a home which a Capricorn and Virgo share can be a picture of domestic bliss.They both like to keep life simple and free of chaos.They will willingly cultivate the peace and sense of sanctuary that they need.They need not worry about one or the other wanting to go out more or host wild parties; Small gatherings of close friends suit both of them much better.The home will become a haven, a cozy place filled with Capricorn's comfortable furnishings and Virgo's pets.

Conflict will not play a big role in these relationships.Though both are capable of a screaming fit if pushed too far, they are more likely to rationally discuss their problems.However, Capricorn can easily be pushed to stubborn stonewalling under the pressure of Virgo nit-picking.Virgos may find it impossible to "train" Capricorns to meet their demands.Thus, they are at risk for breaks in communication and passive-aggressive tactics.Once either of their feelings are hurt, especially if trust is broken, they can hold a grudge for ages.Emphasis on open communication is key in making these relationships work.

Though they will have their conflicts and the relationship may never have the fireworks of an idealized romance, Virgo and Capricorn work well together.They will build their relationship on trust and common values, attributes which set them up perfectly for lifelong devotion.

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