Love Horoscopes: Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Virgo And Libra

Briefly describes the compatibility of a Libra and a Virgo based on astrology horoscopes.

Libras (Sept. 23rd-Oct. 22nd) are an air sign and as such are typically happy, optimistic people full of positive energy.They are intelligent and balanced as symbolized in the scales that represent them.They tend to create for themselves an idealistic view of the world and their surroundings.They like to socialize and be around other people.They enjoy parties and crowds and dislike the mundane chores of everyday life.The Virgos, although close in birthday (Aug. 23rd-Sept. 22nd ) are quite they opposite.Virgo is an earth sign represented by the virgin.They are much more grounded and they are eternal realists.They are also intelligent and driven by a need for perfection.They are much happier doing their own thing at home versus frequenting crowded or loud scenes.

So how will these two apparent opposites attract?Well, they share a love of a beautiful home.While Libra will want someone else to make it so, the Virgo will want to do the work himself.Their pictures will be hung symmetrically and everything will have an organized feel.They both enjoy artwork and creating themes in their rooms.They also share a love of collecting although it will be of different items.They will happily settle into the balanced and comfortable environment they have created.They can have spirited discussions on a variety of topics and in the beginning will enjoy each others opposing lifestyles.Virgo will enjoy being dragged to the occasional party or crowded art gallery.Libra will enjoy a few peaceful evenings with a movie and some takeout Chinese.Soon, however, the foundation will begin to shake ever so slightly.

Libra dislikes drudgery so keeping their home as clean and organized as it started will bore him as fun is chosen over chores.This will be okay in the beginning because Virgo will be happy staying home and completing the day to day tasks.Virgo will pay the bills, Virgo will make the appointments and Libra will be happy to go along for the ride. The carefree, oblivious attitude of the Libra is probably what attracted the Virgo in the first place.Eventually, however, Virgo will start to feel put upon and will (probably gently at first) complain about being stuck with all the work.Libra is naturally fair-minded and so will see the errors of his ways and agree to be more involved.Libra will happily scrub the tubs, reorganize the closets, and do the laundry.The problem with this will become Virgo's perfectionism.All the work that Libra does will naturally not be done exactly the same way the Virgo would have done and Virgo will let Libra know.Libra despises being criticized and takes it very personally.Therefore, Libra will be very offended by the critique of what he thought was good honest effort and is likely to totally shut down .He will not want to talk and will probably sulk for a few hours or even cry over what was perceived to be a personal attack.Virgo on the other hand will feel better for having spoken his mind and will move right on oblivious to Libra's pain.If this pattern continues for too long Libra will start to push away Virgo, especially during intimate moments.This will eventually make Virgo withdraw as well and if they don't identify and work on these issues then they will be in for serious relationship problems.

Other small but fixable problems may arise from the difference in these two people's decision making style.Virgo is confident and makes quick decisions determined to be right and fix any poor outcomes later.Libra on the other hand is a notorious diplomat who thinks even the smallest decision through very completely before taking any action.The Libra will seesaw back and forth weighing numerous pros and cons of their proposed action.Virgo will be frustrated by this behavior but should be able to either learn to wait of use his controlling nature to make the decision and move on. On Libras side, the quite home life will become very boring and Virgo will either have to learn to enjoy the occasional night out or allow Libra the freedom to go out alone.A balanced Libra is a happy Libra while an in charge and appreciated Virgo is a happy Virgo.It is a match that can last with some patience and compromise on both parts.All relationships require a concentrated effort and realistic expectations.

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