How To Lower Your Blood Pressure

How to lower your blood pressure. Everyday someone is told that they have high blood pressure and everyday there is someone doing all that they can to lower that high blood pressure.

Every day someone is told by their doctor that they have high blood pressure and every day there is someone doing all that they can to lower that high blood pressure. It's not easy but one has to sacrifice some foods and salt to do this but it is worth it. Taking special precautions will lower your blood pressure and along with medication it can be accomplished and as a result you will feel much better and be in better health.

There are some things that you can do right away when you are told that your blood pressure is high. First, take your medication that your doctor prescribe every single day at about the same time of time each day. Go home and look through your cabinets and refrigerator for any foods that contain a lot of salt such as potato chips, hot dogs, luncheon meats, bacon etc. Give them away to someone and replace them with low fat, no salt foods. Then, get that box of salt and throw it away. Instead, use light salt or salt substitute. In about one week you'll be used to the taste of this salt and you will never miss the real thing. It measures the same as regular salt and you can use it in your cooling also.

There are many products on the supermarket shelves that contain no salt or low salt such as canned vegetables, frozen vegetable meats and even bottled water. Most people don't realize that there is a lot of salt in regular drinking water from the tap. Look closely at labels when you're food shopping. Some foods have hidden salt in them such as tuna fish, sardines, bread, milk, mustard, ketchup, margarine, etc.

Buy a blood pressure monitor and use it once a day. Keep a record of the readings so that you can show them to your doctor. This helps the doctor to know if your medication is working or not. Blood pressure monitors can be bought in any pharmacy, are fairly inexpensive, and there are many types. If you can't buy a blood pressure monitor and you feel that your blood pressure may be high, go to your local fire department and they will check it for you at no charge.

Now, last but not least, you must exercise. Even if you do no more that walk one block a day it will help to lower your blood pressure. A simple walk each day has tremendous benefits. It gets your circulation going and fills your body with new oxygen and lowers your blood pressure.

So, you see, there are many things that one can do to lower the blood pressure but the single most important thing that you should do is to never forget to take your medication. Take it every day at about the same time of day.

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