How to Lower Credit Card Interst Rates

By Jerel Jacobs

  • Overview

    Lowering your credit card interest rate can dramatically decrease the length of time it takes to pay off your credit card debt. This article will explain how to lower credit card interest rates.
  • How To Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

    • Step 1

      Pay your credit card on time and make at least the minimum monthly payment each month. This will allow the credit card issuer to see that you are dependable when it comes to meeting your obligation with them, and over time may qualify you for a lower interest rate.

    • Step 2

      Pay your other bills on time. Making your payments in a timely fashion increases your credit score. Many credit card issuers require a minimum credit score to lower your interest rates or to qualify you for the lowest rates.
    • Step 3

      Keep your credit card balances low. When your credit card is not near it's limit, the bank will see you as being more financially responsible and be more inclined to lower your credit card interest rates.
    • Step 4

      Call your credit card company and ask them to lower your interest rates. If you have been a good customer and have maintained your credit accounts well, they may agree to lower your rates rather than risk losing your business.
    • Step 5

      Shop for credit cards with lower interest rates. If you have kept your accounts in good standing but your card company will not lower your rates, apply for other cards with lower rates. Many companies allow applicants with good credit histories to transfer balances at extremely low rates.
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    • Ingredients:
    • Credit Card
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    • Tip: If possible, pay off your credit card balances each month.
    • Warning:
    • Always read the fine print before accepting any changes to the terms of your credit card account.

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