Lower Energy Bills And Save Money

Tips on saving money on your energy bills that require little or no investment.

We all want to save money. Almost all of us get energy bills. Now let's put the two topics together and find some simple, inexpensive ways to save money on our energy bills.

Here are a few tips that are easy to incorporate and will make you smile when that next bill comes.

#1: An obvious one: if there is a room in your house that you don't us, don't heat it (or cool it).

#2: Only heat bedrooms at bedtime. Cooler temperatures allow for better sleeping anyway.

#3: Keep the doors shut. During cold weather, try to use only one outside door. (Preferably the one furthest away from the thermostat).

#4: Use a draft stopper at the bottom of doors. You can buy cute ones in most department stores: make your own or just roll up a rug or towel to place against the door.

#5: Heat rises, so if you have an open stairway hang a curtain at the top. Or put one over the door of your living area to prevent heat from escaping out the door and up the stairs.

#6: Open window curtains on bright, sunny days and close them one hour before the sun goes down. On cloudy days, keep them closed.

#7: Purchase a window kit from home or department stores. They include sheets of plastic that cover windows by being taped to inside window frames. They seal off drafts coming in and heat loss going out.

#8: Don't block any registers or radiators with furniture. Also keep them clean and free of dust.

#9: Clean your furnace filter often during cold months.

#10: Wrap your hot water heater with insulation or a commercial insulation "jacket". Do not block any control panels or air openings.

#11: Snugly insulate all exposed water pipes.

#12: Keep the lint trap on your dryer clean, as well as the heat vent hose.

#13: Use the "energy saver" switch on your dishwasher and allow them to air dry.

#14: Cut your shower time down to 3 minutes.

#15: Turn off TV or radio, as well as the lights, when you're not in the room.

For even more tips and information, contact your utility company. Most of them already have tip booklets printed up that they are happy to send their customers. Many of them will include the tips listed above, as well as additional ideas.

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