Lower Your Grocery Costs

There are many ways to lower your grocery costs, the first thing is to know the secrets of the supermarkets.

There are a few secrets that we all could use to know about supermarkets and the best way to save money. The very first thing you should remember is to never, ever go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You will spend a small fortune. Always eat before going grocery shopping this will eliminate the urges to buy the extra junk foods.

When you enter the grocery store begin shopping right away; complete your grocery shopping in less than thirty minutes. Researchers have stated that consumers spend fifty cents per minute after they have been in a supermarket longer than thirty minutes. A trick to finishing your shopping within thirty minutes is to have a well-prepared shopping list. Do your research for sales before you get to the store, this will help you from being detoured by sale signs. If you use coupons have them sorted by the aisles the products are on, this way you want have to search to find the coupon for the product you are buying. If you have children try to get a babysitter for an hour, this will eliminate chasing the children and saying no every five minutes.

There are several other ways to save money at the supermarket on products that are just as good as the next guy. Some supermarkets push the higher priced paper towels, the off brand paper towels are just as good at picking up small spills and wiping hands as the more expensive brands. Another trick item at the supermarket is bottled water; there is sparkling mineral water, seltzer water and club soda. Each of these is carbonated water, and the least expensive is usually the one with the better taste. Generic products are available for almost any product in a supermarket. These products are holding up against the major brands in taste, appearance and much more important cost.

Produce in supermarkets are a big let down, but with today's processing of fruit and vegetables there is little that can be done about it, you must try to get the best for your money. When you are in the produce aisle think about when you are going to use this product. If you will use the produce within a day or two look for items that are almost ripe, if you will use produce within a week, look for items that have not yet completely ripened. This will allow the fruit or vegetable the extra time to ripen and you will have food that taste well.

When you are in the dairy department of your local supermarket, look for milk products that are sold in box cartons instead on plastic jugs. For Juices do the same, because the fluorescent lighting in the supermarket oxidizes milk and juices, leaving a flat taste and removes the vitamin C content.

If you have made it to the check out in less than thirty minutes, then you will save a bundle. This next big obstacle is the check out aisle itself. This is where you have your impulsive buys like magazines and candies and the really convenient items. These you want to avoid, these are usually marked up and they are targeted just for impulsive buying.

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