Lower Your Home Heating Cost

There are lots of ways to lower your home heating cost no matter where you live.

Do you have high heating bills, perhaps you can cut those costs even a little, let's try. Let's discuss ways to help. I realize as the years go by the costs are rising, its a fact of our lives, certainly we wish prices would remain the same but that doesn't seem to happen. Hopefully the

consumers will have more choices in the future

but we are in the present and we have to to our best to conserve those heating costs.

Naturally if you live in an area with very cold winters it will cost you more than others living in a warmer area. A thought would be to turn down the thermostat at night, have lots of warm cover and then turn it up in the morning to warm the house while you are all getting ready for your

day to school, work, etc. Perhaps you are all gone from the home during the day then you need to turn the thermostate down to keep the house warm but not as warm as would be necessary when you are home, but warm enough for your house pets.

You can install an automatic thermostate on your indicator and it will adjust as you have set it. This really will help with heating costs.

Be sure to make sure you have proper weatherstripping on your windows and doors and in climates of very cold temperatures install storm windows to insult the windows even more from the outside temperature. Be sure to see that your heating vents on the floor or walls are not constricted by furniture or any other objects that could not let the heat enter the home as it normally should. Adjust the vents in each room as necessary to let the proper amount of wanted heat to enter, if you have a spare room, you'll need to either cut off that vent or adjust it

to not allow the same amount of heat into the room as in the other rooms that are frequently used.

Consider a ceiling fan or circulating fan to evenly distribute the heat in rooms to avoid having to turn up the thermostat.

If you have fuel choices when building or having a home built or even in purchasing a home, you need to look at the fuel costs needed for the equipment you'll install or in the homes with the heating systems already in place. You may

want to add a wood stove or even the newer pellet stoves as an additional heat source to lower the thermostate, but be sure to factor in the cost of buying the wood or the pellets in your area to justify the additional expense of adding the desired equipment to the home.

Be sure to close the damper in your fireplace if you are not using it, if it is an open fireplace consider purchasing a cover or whatever is necessary as your heat can go up into the air outside when the fireplace is not in use and also cold air can be brought into the home.

If you will be a careful and cost conscious consumer you should be able to pick the best heating for your home and the most efficient system plus doing the above suggestions will certainly help: now just be sure to stay warm and be happy.

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