Luminaria: A Holiday Craft

Making luminarias as a holiday craft is easy and fun for kids of all ages. Just use some outdoor lights and empty milk cartons to creative a festive atmosphere.

Lighted Driveway or Foot Path

Items Needed:

Clear Milk Carton (either ½ gallon or whole gallon)


Clear outdoor lights


Power strip

Extension cord


Using your knife, take clear milk cartons and cut them in half. Discard the top half. Wash the bottom halves so that they are clean. (You may use either half a gallon or whole gallon milk cartons.)

Take your power strip and plug into an outside socket.

Next, take and extension cord and attach to power strip.

After that, attach one string of outdoor lights to extension cord.

If you are using more than one strand of outdoor lights, make sure that the cord on the outdoor lights has an "end" plug so that you can run a continuous strand of lights and not keep running a lot of cords to and from your power strip and extension cords.

Take outdoor lights and line them up along the edge of your steps, footpath, or driveway. Plug them up and turn them on to be sure that they are going to work.

Once lights have been placed in designated places, take shovel and dig a shallow hole, just deep enough to insert the ends of your milk cartons. (If you have soft ground, you might not need to dig hole, you can just push carton into ground. However, make sure it will not come off during a rainstorm or strong winds.)

Once you have dug holes, place lights in the middle of each one. Then take your milk cartons and place over lights, pressing carton firmly into ground so that it will not blow away.

You might want to use dirt that was dug up and place around outer edge of milk carton to help make it stick firmly into ground and not come out during strong winds or rain.

The carton, once placed, causes the light to give off a soft luminous glow, which lights your way during the night.

You can use the lights to line your driveway, path to your front or back door, patio area outside, your front porch, or where ever you need a little accent with light.

Make sure that none of your cords are extending across any paths that might prove hazardous to family and visitors.

This also includes pets. You do not want to have them tripping themselves up or run the risk of electrical shock.

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