Lutz & Patmos: Fashion And Style

Lutz and Patmos are women who design fashion with smart women in mind. Creating out of need and not trend, the pair are making waves in the worlds of fashion and style.

Leave it to two women desperate for the perfect sweater to create one of the best of the new crop of fashion houses in New York.Lutz and Patmos are those two women.

Tina Lutz and Marsha Patmos met in 1995.With twenty-five years of experience between them they collectively have European and American schooling.Looking for a way to create more than trends, their fashion collaboration developed out of the need for purity and a smart blend of traditional and modern styling.

The search for purity is reflected in their collective talents and schooling.With strong skills in pattern making and wearable apparel, Lutz and Patmos create fashion that sings on the body.Their look does not hide the body but instead celebrates it.Never ones to over decorate or treat the body as an ornament, Lutz and Patmos marry brains and beauty in a unique and refreshing way.Not an easy feat when you've only been designing together since 2000.


Lutz and Patmos are all about personal style.They know that women are smart and that not all women adhere to the "dress me I don't understand" idea of fashion.Instead, their smarts are reflected in the choices of materials, their use of materials, and the idea that clothing can be smart as well as the person wearing them.It is a refreshing approach to say the least.

Case in point, cashmere sweaters that are seamed to recognize curves but not mock them.Gained a few pounds?Not to worry, these seams fit but do not follow the bulge.Feeling a bit warm in your Lutz and Patmos cashmere turtleneck?Look for the coil that can be loosened in the neck to open the turtleneck up and allow more air to grace the body and cool you down.

It's easy to say that Lutz and Patmos integrate their own preferences into their clothing thereby allowing the customer to make the style personal.When a clothing line works in a personal way for the customer you know the designers are on to something.

Need more proof?Try reversible clothing (two for the price of one), or how about the idea that clothing can be worn for years and not just one season?What if the clothing could be worn from day into evening or in all climates?And on top of all this be fashionable, stylish and sophisticated.See the beauty of Lutz and Patmos?


Conveying these ideals of purity and smart clothing requires the right materials in order to be successful.We have already established the success of Lutz and Patmos so it follows that the materials must be perfection, and they are.The pair of designers searches out the best of the best and uses 100% cashmere wools and the highest quality of Scottish and Italian yarns. Cottons are the lightest and some even featherweight light.

The construction and actual making of the garments happens in the best Italian factories.New technologies are incorporated with special finishing processes included such as Teflon treated fabrics.All of these things add to the high quality and purity that Lutz and Patmos strive for.

An attempt at duplicating this look will be difficult.It is truly a one of a kind style and without the actual Lutz and Patmos garments you will be hard pressed to find anything that matches up to the integrity of this fashion house.Timelessness is difficult to re-create.

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