Which Magazine Should I Subscribe To?

Reading magazines can be fun and relaxing. But how do you know which ones to subscribe to? Here are some helpful hints.

Reading is an enjoyable leisure activity enjoyed by millions of people. Magazine publishers tap into this lucrative pastime to provide annual subscriptions for thousands of periodicals. The hard part for many is deciding which ones to order. After all, there are only so many hours in the day, and if you're going to use one or more them reading, you'll have to narrow your selection of magazines.

So what type of periodicals should you order? There are magazines dedicated to hobbies, finances, housekeeping, relationship, and careers, as well as pets, children, vacations, homes, and entertainment, among others. To narrow your field of selection, consider the following tips:

1. Choose a magazine that you'll truly enjoy reading. If you have a hectic job, you may want to read about something that is totally unrelated, such as sea cruises or Middle Eastern archaeology. Browsing a topic that allows you to focus on faraway or long-ago images can give your stressed mind and busy body a much-needed rest. Look for a magazine with colorful photographs and limited advertising, something along the lines of National Geographic, for example.

2. Look for a magazine that can teach you a new skill. Perhaps you can learn to knit, cook a gourmet meal, or refinish your kitchen cabinets by subscribing to the appropriate publication. Setting aside a daily routine to pursue a new interest can be invigorating. Or you may want to learn about a particular type of collectors' item or artistic skill that can open new vistas. Search the many covers available at your local library or bookstore.

3. A financial publication can help to maximize your current and future holdings. If you invest, or would like to at some point, a magazine like Money can keep you informed about developing economic trends or stock market conditions. With each issue you can learn more about financial terms, savings and investment programs, and cost-cutting strategies. Valuable tips like these can help you enjoy a significant return on your investment in the subscription price.

4. Children's magazines provide tons of fun ideas to help you spend quality time with the kids. From read-aloud tales to pages of puzzles, children's magazines can help to build your children's reading and critical thinking skills. Some offer a regular craft idea, while others discuss values or morals by telling a story or providing problem-solving scenarios.

5. Cooking magazines bring you functional and fun information. While learning to cook basic meals, you can also find out about how to serve nutritious entrees and arrange an attractive table setting. You can start with a basic scrambled eggs dish and progress to a spinach and cheese soufflé. Meal preparation is certainly one topic that most of us are interested in and can benefit from by reading recipes, tips, ideas, and stories in magazines.

When choosing a magazine subscription, don't forget to check price to get the most value for your investment. Some publications offer a 50% or higher discount off the newsstand price when you subscribe for a year or longer. Or you can sign up for one with the neighbor's son who is selling magazine subscriptions as a fund-raiser for school or Boy Scouts. Help keep reading a viable hobby by ordering your subscription soon!

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