The Best Magnet Toys For Children

Magnetic toys, approved by parents and children, can provide education, learning and fun.

Research has shown that a child's future is largely determined in the first 6 years of life. It is our responsibility as parents, teachers, and childcare providers to provide the education that will lead to profitable and happy futures for our children.

Children tend to retain more of what we teach when the lessons are presented in a fun manner with toys, games, and puzzles. Parents, teachers, and childcare providers are finding that magnetic toys and games offer a world of educational possibilities. The best part is that kids love magnets, they are fascinated by them, and will stay captivated for hours on end. Here are a few examples of educational, magnetic toys that have been given great reviews by children and their caretakers.

Magnetic letters and numbers will start your child off right by learning letters, colors, and word building skills. They can be found in almost any toy store and are very inexpensive. Most sets are sold with upper and lower case letters but many sets are sold with basic math symbols as well. Most sets are made of molded plastic and come in 4 or more colors. Magnetic letter and number sets come in a variety of sizes so be sure to buy the size that will be the safest for the age of your child.

For children that are starting to put words together into sentences, Magnetic Poetry is a must have educational item. Similar to Magnetic Poetry is a toy called Really Big Words for Kids. Children will spend hours putting words together into sentences or fun poetry. Kids also enjoy leaving messages all over the house for their loved ones.

The Magnetic Learning Calendar is a great way to teach children about days, weeks, months, and even the weather. This calendar comes with 51 magnetic pieces and an activity guide.

GeoMag is a magnetic construction toy that is enjoyed by children four years of age or older. This toy consists of magnetic rods and chrome steel spheres that can be used to make an infinite number of structures and shapes. GeoMag teaches problem solving, physics, and imaginative thinking.

Magnetic Maps that feature countries, states, or capitals can be found in almost any toy store at reasonable prices. This is a great way for the older child to learn geography.

Frigits and Frigits Deluxe are two magnetic games that are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Frigits Deluxe is the larger version and offers more parts. Frigits is a game that will challenge the mind of your child. Positioning rails, buckets, surpentine chutes, and ferris wheels are positioned on a vertical surface in such a way that a marble can travel from the top to the bottom into a bucket without falling off. Children absolutely love this game and will even try to get the marble to move in an upward path, against gravity. Frigits has won multiple awards and honors from parent and educational organizations. Because of small parts, Frigits is intended for children 7 and older.

For the child that loves art, Fridge Fractiles will offer hours of fun. By creating an infinite number of starbursts, spirals, 3D illusions, and whatever else your child wishes to create, you child will be learning pattern recognition skills. Some sets come with a steel activity board on which to create beautiful patterns. Fridge Fractiles won the Parent's Choice Award.

The old magnetic sketchpads we played with as children are still popular with children today. Children love to draw all kinds of pictures with the magic pen, stencils, or stamps. Magnetic sketchpads teach imaginative thinking, pretend play, self-expression, and hand-eye coordination.

Many popular board games are coming out with travel and backpack versions. These games are magnetic and can be taken anywhere without fear of losing pieces. Because they are no bigger than a CD case, they are very convenient to take on long trips. Popular games such as Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, Hangman, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, and Sorry will keep your child entertained for hours.

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