Magnets: Fridge Frames

Making magnetic fridge frames are not only a wonderful gift giving idea but a unique way to display several pictures without cluttering up your fridge or file cabinet.

Displaying and enjoying pictures of your family and friends is important and should be displayed in a location of our home where they will be seen often. For many families that would be the kitchen. But quite often our photo's get hastily stuck on the fridge with a small magnet from our local realtor or even damaging tape!

Making magnetic fridge frames are not only a wonderful gift giving idea but a unique way to display a collage of several pictures without cluttering up your fridge. Magnetic frames can be a quick fix for organizing your office file cabinet too.

Tools you will need for this project include:

Scissors or utility knife


Oval, Square or Circle Template

Large slab of flexible magnetic sheeting

The first step is to choose the photo's that you wish to display. To create the most interesting display of your photo's, you will need to determine the shape of the individual holes that will frame and highlight your photo's the best.

Next determine the size you want to make the frame. This will be based on how many photo's you wish to display and keeping in mind the size of the metal surface it will need to adhere to. If you have a lot of pictures that need to be placed horizontally your frame size will need to have a wider width.

Using a piece of paper as your guide, draw a rough sketch of your frame planning where you will be cutting the holes for your frame. Cutting square, circle or oval openings will be simplified by purchasing a plastic template readily available at crafting and scrapbooking stores. Make sure that you allow adequate space between each frame opening so that the magnet can effectively adhere to your fridge without sliding. This problem can be alleviated by purchasing flexible magnetic sheeting that is at least .30 mil. This will insure a stronger magnetic hold.

Magnetic sheeting can be found at some office supply stores or can often be purchased by the foot at signage printing companies. Manufacturers suggest that 20 mil weight magnet be used for refrigerator and home use and 30 mil is generally recommended for car signage. Any weight lighter than 20 mil could take on the texture of your metal surface. Some refrigerators have a bumpy textured surface that will warp your magnet frame as well. Heavy weight mil's will not be effected much by your metal surface but can prove costly. As with anything, purchase the best that you can afford.

You will find magnetic sheeting readily available in a white laminate top but also comes in the basic solid colors. You will find magnetic sheeting to be remarkably easy to cut with a utility knife or even scissors.

Although you can paint on your frame to embellish it, signage manufacturers use a plastic based paint that dries fairly quickly and your basic enamels and crafting paints will require a very long drying time. Another way to decorate your frame is using wallpaper or contact paper. Put it on your pre-cut frame as a complete piece, smooth out any wrinkles and then use an exacto knife to trim the holes from the backside.

The strength of your magnet frame can generally hold your photos without the use of tape or glue however, adding new photo's to your display will be easier if you use a small amount of acid free tape to secure them in place.

Use your new frame on filing cabinet or as a fun gift idea too.

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