What Is The Main Benefit Of Using Energy Efficient Windows?

What is the main benefit of using energy efficient windows? Energy saving is not the only benefit of using efficient windows; in addition, the comfort of your home improves. "The energy savings is an interesting...

"The energy savings is an interesting issue and it perks-up a lot of people's attention, but I think what people notice the most is the difference in comfort," says Steven Poitz, a representative of Thermotech and an energy efficient window expert. "Once they get the windows in, the comments are not so much a correlation between the new windows and a reduced heating bill, although that is almost invariably true. The surprise people have is not the effect on the energy bill, but how much more comfortable it is to be living near a better window. Instead of having to move chairs away from the window in the wintertime or not being able to sit in certain places because it is just too cold and drafty, the remarkable difference is in comfort."

Energy efficient windows provide increased comfort in both winter and summer. In the winter they seal in more warm air and keep out cold air. An energy efficient window's panes are also much warmer than traditional window panes, especially those coated with a low solar gain, or low-E, coating, which is made from a very thin layer of metal. This coating absorbs the sun's heat and decreases heat loss while helping warm the home at the same time. A special tinting is applied to help deflect unwanted warmth during the summer months. These coatings and tints still allow light inside the home without any noticeable difference from uncoated panes. It should be noted that strategically placed shade trees or awnings are still important in optimizing your home's energy efficiency, especially in the summer months.

Energy efficient windows also improve your home's air quality because they decrease the possibility of condensation since they stay warmer than regular windows. Condensation can lead to mold growth with may cause asthma and other respiratory health problems.

While increased comfort and improved air quality may be the first things people notice about energy efficient systems, the reduction in energy costs definitely deserves to be high on the list of benefits. Energy efficient windows will most certainly reduce heating and cooling costs and they may also allow you to downsize the heating system in your home. With energy efficient windows in place a smaller furnace or heat pump may offer the same comfort that a larger and more expensive system did previously. Energy efficient windows also help eliminate the need for registers and air vents to be placed next to windows, which will increase the space available for furniture placement.

Yet another benefit of energy efficient windows is their low or nonexistent need for maintenance. Because the windows are air tight and made from durable materials they require little or no upkeep or repair. In summary, the benefits of energy efficient windows include increased comfort, reduced condensation, decreased energy costs for heating and cooling your home, and low-maintenance status. It is clear that the higher initial cost of energy efficient windows is well worth the investment. As an added benefit, energy efficient windows increase your home's resale value and appeal.

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