How To Maintain Your Shower And Tub Tile Grout

Many people don't realize that tile grout in the bathroom area is not waterproof and needs to be replaced every two years if there is water damage.

You can perform the neccesary maintenance on your tile grout by yourself. Then once a year after you replace your tile grout you need to maintain it with a sealer. This is to avoid water damage and keep away mold and mildew. You will need a bag of tile grout which you can obtain from your local tile store or your local home improvement center. It comes in different decorator colors, but be sure to make it match your existing tile, or a shade lighter than your tile. Never go darker as the grout will stand out more than the tile.

If you notice that your bathroom tile grout is moldy and has mildew, you need to take a standard screwdriver with a flat head and gently scrap out all the tile grout. When you have finished, mix the tile grout you have purchased according to directions. Use a tile trowel and in one section of your wall around your shower or bath, start applying the grout by running the trowel with the grout on it over the tiles gently. Be careful not to apply too heavily, all you need is enough to fill the gaps.

Then take a sponge that is wet and wipe off the excess grout. Let dry before using the shower or bath tub.

Now we want to replace the caulking around the tub. You will need a tube of silicone caulk that can be purchased at your home improvement center.

Caulking also comes in colors to match the tub. The caulking does not need to match the tile, as it is something we don't want to be noticeable more than it has to be.

Remove the old caulking with a screwdriver, some caulking will peel off also. Make sure you wipe off the area and dry it, then replace the caulking. Let dry before using the bathtub or shower.

After both areas have dried properly, then you need to buy a tile sealer. Apply the tile sealer over the whole tile area within your bath and tub area. Let dry for 24 hours.

Once a year after, use the tile sealer again to make sure the tiles are protected from water. You can now be proud of your accomplishment, and tell everyone you did it yourself!

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